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Montague Ravenscroft

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Born to a military family in Archepelago Monty was always a bookish child. Much to his father’s chagrin he preferred to study philosophy, magic and religion than military tactics. Thanks to his mother's tolerant nature Monty's education was able to centre around the things he was interested in rather than the things his father thought he should learn, and he excelled at his studies

Reluctantly (and thanks to the persuasive talents of his wife) Monty’s father enrolled him with the Serpentine University, so that he may have access to greater areas of study and knowledge. It was here that he came across more abstract concepts like Zen philosophy and entropic magic, which interested him greatly. It was also at this time, unfortunately, that he began dabbling with narcotics and hallucinogens. Records of exactly what happened next are patchy at best, but piecing together the half-remembered reports of those present it seems that during a lengthy Absinthe binge Montague stood up, left the common room, returned a few minutes later wearing a bath robe and carrying a broom, announced that he needed to check something vitally important, and disappeared into the night.

His own memories of this time are sketchy at best, but when he eventually returned to the university his magical talents had begun to mature and his whole outlook on life was much changed; embracing greater amounts of esoteric philosophy and general randomness. Nevertheless he finished his degree, submitting a thesis on Chaos Theory and Future Divination, and is now working towards his doctorate.

Having heard of The Wanderers from his fellow academics, he finally encountered the group for himself while studying within the Voudon communities on Maracabo. Seeing that their reputation as an attractor for strange phenomena is completely deserved he has decided that it certainly couldn't hurt to hang around with them for a while...

However things took a turn for the worse while the Wanderers were in Latveria, due to forces beyond their control they ended up in Asylum and Monty was accidentally left behind and ended up trapped there for a year while less than an hour passed for the rest. This experience has left Monty scarred, but he is starting to face his demons and make his way back into the world.

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