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Prototype 614B (RIP)

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Prototype 614/B


Prototype 614/B is an early attempt of a Doom bot, built by Victor Von Dumas approximately 110 years ago.

The machine itself is a flangite powered clockwork device with a crystal matrix brain, during a test of basic functions the machine began to gain senescence and wondered away from it's testing area. The only memory it has of this time is standing in a clearing in a forest staring at a single lone tree before being suddenly deactivated. The memories of the machine for the last 110 years have either been erased or compressed by it's hidden master, it was found in an abandoned and burnt out shack in Salem by a wondering traveler.


The traveler had the misfortune of reactivating the machine by accident, the sudden shock to 614's operating systems caused the flangite core to overload slightly and sent out a pulse of energy which passed straight through the traveler. Awake but with it's 'master' now deceased in front of it, 614 managed to begin making decisions on it's own, it decided it wanted to learn as much as it could about the world and what it's purpose actually is. Whether this is part of it's curious nature or part of the hidden programming it has undergone is unclear, however 614 has already processed vast quantities of information and will continue to do so.


614 was responsible for carrying the captured Rakken soul device through Carnelium or the mission to destroy the blight, using it's flangite core 614 helped keep the machines power levels up to prevent the souls from leaking.


614 was also responsible for carrying out several injured party members from the energy pulse and was the first of the group to return to the area and recovered the then charred remains of Drak. Although 614 does not understand emotions it feels responsible for the death of Drak as it was 614 who placed him where he fell before returning into the fight to rescue other members of the party. During the battle 614's damaged right arm was completely turned into pure energy, since then it accepted access into the Institute of Curiosities and has been developing a new replacement arm.


Whilst at the Institute the machine completely rebuilt an exact replica of the original arm, it discovered that it can mimic the workings of a machine but because it has no concept of imagination it is unable to alter the machines capabilities.


Thanks to Mr Snow and Ivan it's damaged arm has been replaced with a much more functional, since this moment the machine has been getting flashbacks of human memories, from holding a baby within it's arms to simple menial tasks like chopping firewood. According to those around it, 614 has also had flashes of emotion, which to the machine is illogical and impossible.

Due to it's curious nature the machine wishes to find out more about it's history but also the complexities of the world around it.



614's existance had previously been terminated when a portal to the daemon worlds was opened. At the request of the Wanderers it assisted with fighting but was destroyed in combat.

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