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This section details the current Plot-lines throughout the world for the current Campaign.

Story updates can be found Here.





  • The Rakken Captain Daniels, leader of the Crimson Brotherhood has taken over Port Rabel and has captured several Mari-ann Foundation Ironclads. There may be a connection between them and the recent Sutekh appearance.
  • The Sutekh may have been angered by the building of new deep water ports in Port of Saints. 



  • Massive numbers of un-dead raised by Khaldun Al-Fulani have surround the Valley of Nia and have built hundreds of small pyramids around its edges. They attack any who get close to these pyramids.
  • Caliph Khalil has outlawed the Magi and The Mentary is enslaving Elementals in their machines.



  • Lokion has been returned and is up to something [Someone who knows this plot please fill in the detail], he is also now the Leader of the Atlantean Protectorate.



  • The Heart of Raven is trying to unite tribes and make war on the Settlers, the Council of Shamans at Black Rock do not support this action.
  • The Settlers are expanding further into Frontier, building more settlements. There are un-confirmed rumours of Settlers killing Tribes and claiming their land. 



  • Thousands of Vampires have secretly infiltrated the Black Forest and further into Thule Territory.
  • The Thule Brotherhood controls Eastern Salem and the Papal States, they remain at war with the Salem Empire.



  • War has broken out between the Sanctuary and the Shogunate, armies are mounting on both sides of the border near the new Portal that is currently under Shogunate control. War seems imminent.
  • The new Golden Vampire who was the old Shogun is gathering lost souls and any others that will follow him to his cause and his followers include the White Ninja, Yeti's, Blood Sorcerers and many other evil beings.
  • A pair of people calling themselves Yo-Yo and the Puppet Master have threatened to kill every leader in every land, they haven't been seen in nearly two years.
  • There is a Hole into the Kuagari 



  • Mr Du Mornay and his Vampires control the Smoke and have usurped control of The Vampire Nation, though the remainder of the Council of Thirteen Vampires are fighting a Cold War for control and seek help from the Wanderers.

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