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Werewolves were created to fight vampires, in recent years the Curse had been lifted or the Disease cured, whatever gave the Werewolves their rage and ability to change had gone and all Werewolves had become Human. However with the recent return of large numbers of Vampires and the threat of the Daemons, the Werewolves were able to re-gain the rage, so they may fight them. 


Many werewolves can change from Human to werewolf and back at will, however on the night of the full moon and the nights either side they change without control. In werewolf form werewolves lose much of their intelligence and gain an aggression which makes them very dangerous to know peaking at the full of the moon in a sometimes totally uncontrolled aggression.


Werewolves have natural weaponry, incredible strength and regenerative powers, good night vision and doglike sense of smell, they are vulnerable to silver and wolfsbane.


The werewolves of Salem live in Moldavia and much about them can be found there.


Speculation exists that they are linked to the Wolfen Bloodline somehow.


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