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The History of the World

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Time Line of the Shards World


History prior to the 65,000 mark has been worked out by scholars from fragments of knowledge, times may be wildly inaccurate.



Pre 120,000 years ago

The world is nothing but potential


The Time of the Vrynuu

120,000-100,000 years ago

The Vrynuu come and create the ancient servitor races including: The Draken, Wolfen, Ogryn, Unicorns, Rakken, Bloodstone, Forsaken, plus many others


The Age of Draken

100,000-75,000 years ago

The Vrynuu leave, and the Draken as the most powerful of the Servitor races rule, with all others nothing but their slaves.

They are at constant war, battles are what they love, and nothing records this time other than perhaps the memories of those that still live from it.


75,000 years ago - The Shattering

The world is shattered into fragments by the Phoenix, a specially created bloodlines to stop the continuing war.


The Age of the Void

75,000-65,000 years ago

The fragmented worlds slowly depopulate and descend and devolve into darkness, the Draken and bloodlines appear lost forever.


From this point on the time line is that as told by Fey from their spoken histories, believe what you wish.


Age of the Alfar

33,690 BC - 18, 689 BC

One of the shattered fragments now called Faerie awakens from its dark time. The Alfar tribes rise into the light using Technology and magic they create a peaceful prosperous civilisation.

This age sees the ascent, reign and end of the Alfar, using their very advanced ways of magic and 'arcane science' they build a Utopian culture.

Portal travel to other Shards is discovered during this time.

The Tomb/Prison of a Horror is uncovered and whether by accident or deliberate action it is released and a war begins. Vampires are created by the Horrors to destroy the Alfar.

The Brotherhood of Souls is created by the Alfar Tribes to combat the Vampires, and though successful, eventually fall.

Next, Werewolves are created to combat the Vampires and their Horror masters.

This leads to The Sacrifice…


The Sacrifice

18, 689 BC

Millions of Alfar sacrifice themselves to create stabilising Shard Stones and rid the world of the Horrors.

The end of their civilisation heralds the First Age of Darkness.


First Age of Darkness

18,690 BC - 16,689 BC

Vampires and Werewolves run amok. Eventually they settle in what will become Salem and dominate it, the Vampires for the Vampire Nation, and the Werewolves, the Werewolf Nation. 

Civilsation collapses without the advanced techno-magic of the Alfar.


Age of the Immortals

16,690 BC - 11,689 BC

The few remaining tribes of the Alfar group together on Atlantis, the immortal children of the Alfar build a new Empire. The Empire is fuelled by Netherworld magic, the rulers take on the Moniker of Gods, lead by Poseidonis, Emperor of this new Empire of the Monarchs. Their empire soon spans the Shard worlds, and then beyond it to colonise other worlds including Earth.

The Creation of the Heart Stones supposedly took place during this time.


Age of the Dark Monarchs/Age of Rebellion

11,690 BC - 11,189 BC

Mortanis deposes Poseidonis and acquires the book of Geas. The Monarchy become corrupt and Mortanis turns the Monarchs to the use of Horror tainted magic, forgetting the Lessons of The Sacrifice.

Civil war ensues between the two factions, those who use Netherworld Magic, and those who use Horror Magic, however no True Monarch will kill another.

Rebels under the lead of Poseidonis create the FORGE, however the FORGE is used incorrectly or is flawed. Atlantis sinks beneath the waves, causing the sudden fall of the Monarchy and Faerie is plunged into yet another Dark Age.


Second Age of Darkness/Age of the Elder Races

11,190 BC - 8689 BC

Other elder races of Faerie come to the fore following the sinking of Atlantis and the waning of the Monarchs power. (Tuatha de Danan, Firbolg, Formorii, Partholanians, Nemedians and others)

The Monarch Domnu, one of the few to escape the Fate of Atlantis, takes on the mantle of the third Goddess of the trinity (Danu as the Mother, The Morrigan as the Crone and Domnu as the Maiden). She gives her power to the Formorii and tries to recreate the empire.

The Elder Races fight back, driving the True Formorii almost to extinction.


Age of the Young

8690 BC - 4689 BC

The Creation of the Jacks takes place during this time.

The Partholanians, The Nemedians the Firbolg and the Tuatha De Danaan war against the Fomorii seemingly victorious, the Elder Races begin to retreat from the world.

Domnu begins to accept the worship of other races to bolster her ranks.

The Younger Races of Faerie come to power (Sidhe, Dwarves, Satyrs and others)

The Forest Sidhe leave for Frontier whilst The Water Sidhe leave for Archipelago.

The Seelie and Unseelie Courts are founded

By this time, most of the old Portal Network that allowed Alfar and Monarch expansion to other worlds had been lost, though occasional portals led the Fey to Salem, Earth and many other places, though the visits were fleeting.


The Old Calendar dating system was brought back from place called Earth, much of what is told from here on is written history.


The Golden Age

4690 BC - 1813

The longest period of peace and calm in Faerie history, lasting thousands of years from the moment the then young Fae and Sidhe races took custodianship of the then Shard of Faerie from the Elder Races. The Courts were founded and Faerie society was an idyll. Gradually however, the networks of deals, obligations and favours began to occupy more and more of the day-to-day business of the Shard and the Dance began in earnest.


Whenever you have those grasping for advantage, others are pushed aside or humiliated. Some started to rebel against this and the courts began to cast out those who disagreed with the established order, naming them Formori in remembrance of the age old foe. These Formori found a willing ally in the Goddess Domnu, who took them for her own. War began once again between the peoples of the Fae.


It is estimated that during this time the Five Thunders came to power, however it is difficult to say for sure as records of this period of that Shard are sparse.


The portal network that allowed swift travel across the shard of Faerie found Union (Or more accurately, the connection was re-established). An entirely separate Shard-world that in turn opened up the existence of five other, populated, Shards. Movement between the humans and the Fae began and almost immediately tensions between the various races began. The dogmatic fanaticism of Salem was especially offended by the Fae and several abortive invasions had to be repelled. 


In 1810 the Five Thunders begin their invasion of the other Shards, the war is bloody but eventually the Horror possessed Thunders are defeated.

The Court of the Water Dragon is founded from the remains of the Isle of Jade.


The Third Age of Darkness

1813 to 1815 (AU0)

The Third Age of Darkness was always prophesied to last a long time and was to be followed by a time of great sadness and pain, however, thank's to the efforts of some, it seems this age was cut short and a new time ushered in. However the future has a way of finding it's way...


Atlantis Rises, causing catastrophic flooding, hundreds of thousands lost their lives and millions lost their lands.

The Monarch's of Atlantis leader, Mortanus, declared the Shards his to rule. 

The Monach Wars begin.

A small band of rebel Monarchs rejected this plan and vowed to stop him.

Compo breaks the cycle of two courts when he overthrows Queen Morgana and installs Queen Blue. The Seelie Court is destroyed and the Seelie and Unseelie courts merge to form the Court of Night and Day, ruling jointly under Queen Jess and Queen Blue.

The Vampires of Salem are defeated, the remains of Salem mend the schism and unite behind the Church, though the long dominance of the Vampires leads to economic ruin at their sudden fall, and great strife as the unity dopes not last long.

The peoples of Faerie approach Finnlay advising they will support him in return for certain boons. Finnlay is proclaimed Ard-Ri of Faerie

The Shards unite and Lokion is defeated when the Forge of Faerie is used.

Union crashes into Archipelago.


AU 0

The Shards are united into a single world, and the Netherworld sealed away, depriving the Monarchs of their powers and bringing an end to the devastating Monarch Wars.

The Gods go silent, they no longer commune with their chosen, nor do their priests feel their presence.

A New Calendar is adopted, celebrating the uniting of the Shards back in to one world.


Age of the High King

AU0 - Now


The Time of the Recovery

AU0 to AU10 

In AU1 the Union Eye Volcano explodes under the pressures of this new world that are exerted upon it.


The Time of the Kal’tesh

AU10 to AU14 

In AU10, a great treaty was signed by each faction in Thunders, agreeing that the kingdoms would not attack each other and would unite if any gaijin invaded.

In AU11, the Thule Brotherhood rise in the Chaos and ruin that followed the wake of the Vampire defeat, and take over Salem.

In AU12, due to the stresses placed upon it, the removal of the Netherworld through which it travelled, and certain events and outside forces, the Portal Network collapses. Only the Core Portals of each Shard remain.

In AU13, Al-Fulani comes to prominence in Dust.


The Time of the Bloodlines, The Dark Rider and Witch King

AU14 to AU16

In AU14, Al-Fulani is killed.

The Celestial Dragon is slain.

The Portal Network is re-ignited, after a fashion. Some say it is an older Network established long ago, some say it is the remnants of the Portals we knew. Whatever the case it is not as it once was, and may never be that again, but travel across the world eases slightly.


The Demon Wars

AU16 to AU20

In AU19, the Council of Shaman's is attacked by Demons, a large portion is killed.

The Settler's, sensing weakness, renew hostility with the Tribes.

Faith is found to combat Demons, and resurgent belief pours through the world. Rumours spread of the Gods riding this wave and are starting to return.

The Loa of the Voudon make contact for the first time.

The Celestial Dragon Returns.

The High Mages Seat on Faerie is destroyed.

The World is moved at the culmination of the War, leaving behind the impression it was destroyed. The enemies of this world (Demons, Horrors, Kal'Tesh, all believe it to be gone... we hope...)


Current Time

AU 20 - Now...

The Old Magics fail as the World adjusts to it's new place.

Ancient Magic sources are re-awakened and New Sources are found, the world re-adjusts, but much of the magic that was has now failed, ancient wards have released even more ancient beings sealed away, and things that should have been gone return, Gods of Old return to the World once more. It is a time of great change.

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