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The Netherworld

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The Space between worlds, endless, timeless, and horrific. A place you should not go. Considered by many to be Hell or worse. It is a realm of many uses, but even that is a trap for terrible things hide in it's depths, including The Horrors themselves. It is thought to be a realm in constant flux and chaos, though deeper speculation leads to insanity, as denizens of the Shards World were not meant to perceive it. Travel to the Netherworld could put the Shard World in incredible danger.


Access to the Netherworld was cut off when the world reformed in 0 AU, the gaps between shards worlds was removed and the world re-entered real-space. The Netherworld continues to exist separated from the world, and travel to it is nearly impossible, though there is tenuous access it is something left unexplored. It is thought it can be reached through the deepest parts of the Other Realms and through strange and weird locations, such as the Sad House.


The Netherworld is also the home plane of the Darklings, some are now trapped in this world when it was cut off from the Netherworld, and are natural Portal Navigators.


The Noodle Lady's Tavern once was a doorway to Netherworld, and a Netherworld location, now it is said to exist somewhere else. It also used to be the location of Thorn Castle until the Castle's destruction.


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