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Redman (Redvers Fenn Cooper)

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Redvers Fenn-Cooper


Erstwhile of the Society of Gentlemen, Redvers Fenn-Cooper left his home in Yogyakarta and disappeared into the wilderness, leaving a note for his housekeeper to keep the kettle warm.

For several years all that was known of Redvers' whereabouts was a fragment of his diary that was discovered by the Japura river, mostly mundane notes and observations until it got to mentioning the Great Red Condor spirit and climbing the mountains to reach the sky.

Then, as tensions between the settlers and tribespeople reached boiling point, reports started filtering through of a man matching Redvers' description - wearing the patched remains of a crimson military jacket and carrying a long rifle - walking with the tribes and helping defend their lands wherever the settlers encroached too far...










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