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Thunders: AU13 background update

Page history last edited by Paradox 10 years, 10 months ago

The Sanctuary (Kinryoku) cut off from its alliance with Salem fears the Imperial Empire and Shogunate will invade, diplomats have been busy making deals and ships sent out into the great oceans to try and find connections and friends.


The Imperial Empire ruled by the child Emperor is wise and forward thinking guided by what remains of the Twelve Tiger he seeks allies in the Shogunate and the Sanctuary he wants his nation back whole but not by force since that will lead to more trouble.

Meanwhile the Shogunate trusts neither side, long used to the traditions of warfare and assassination politics they sit ready to fight back or perhaps strike first, they see control of portal in the Water Margins as a prize worth fighting for and secrete spies and assassins throughout the region trying to destabilize it.


A new form of clockwork miniature technology is developing in the Sanctuary, but both the Imperial Empire and the Shogunate are also using it in their cold war of either assassination or spying.


The port of Heian south of the Water Margins has become a hive of activity, used to get men and traffic to the portal, Imperial guards patrol the road from port to the portal, at the portal itself the area is fortified and guarded, while former guardians of the portal the Open Hand sit back and watch.


The Kuragari is silent, the Imperial Empire wants an alliance to destroy it, it is a fear that festers and quietly grows.

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