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Sister Elena Rosarius

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Sister Elena Rosarius


Sister Elena - or to give her full title: Sister Elena Rosarius, Sister Militant, 2nd Chapter of the Order of Gideon Rosarius - first came into contact with the Heroes when she was given the honour of being the travelling bodyguard of the head of the Order of Gideon Rosarius, Abbot McUen. He had travelled to Whitewater from Faerie to speak to Nightjar and First Palladin Ryain had made sure he didn't make the journey alone.


Abbot, unwilling to have her bodyguard him all the way back again, left her with the Heroes to 'gather knowledge'. Knowledge is the one thing Elena lacks, she had been found by Palladins of the Order in AU12 being beaten into a bloodied mess by an unknown group of men on the borders of Bohemia and Latveria. The Palladins managed to get her back to the Monastery where the Monks were able to save her life, over the time she was recovering the Monks and Palladins were able to give her little clue as to who she was or even what her name was. The only possession on her was an ornate Salemite cross, and a best guess that she was a native Salemite from the way she was dressed. The Monks gave her the Salemite name of Elena when her distress at not knowing who she was became apparent.


After a time she asked the Order Militant to teach her fighting, she was determined never to become a victim again. She took to it so well that she was eventually ordained as a Palladin herself, a Sister Millitant, and took the name of Rosarius to honour the Monks who had saved her life.

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