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Twelve Tigers

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A group of hero's who protect the Thunders Emperor.

The dead hero's choose a compatible living host and mix their souls and skills with them.


These famous hero's and their host are

  • Ash - was Langstrome, spirit fled
  • Clay - Seijachi
  • Fire - Maruku
  • Ice - Molly McUen - has a new host, identity unknown 
  • Lightening - Zhang Zhi Chou
  • Mirror - Arakasi
  • Smoke -  Keyoke - has a new host as kageichi is a dishonourable swine
  • Storm - Lena
  • Tsunami - Cho Lin
  • War - Ujio
  • Wood - Joajin (deceased fighting the vermin spirits) new host unknown


Currently the Twelve Tigers are Eleven

The Tiger Void souls is gone forever, lost to the Netherworld.

The news of voids death may have been exaggerated as it is currently suspected that he has been able to return from that dark place, though the state of him and whoever his current host is is unknown. 


Tigers require their host to be very honourable in the style of the Thunders, and will quickly leave any host they find disagreeable to the Thunders codes, most host quickly start to adopt Thunders fashion if they are not already from the region.



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