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Jack of the Green

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Jack in the Green

Jack in the Green


The body that became Jack of the Green is something of a mystery. It has no memories of who it is and no idea where it comes from. It has demonstrated some ability with a sword and dagger, and an innate ability with herbalism and healing. He looks like a pirate, so he has been told.


During the Sepsis crisis in Frontier, the body was persuaded to take part in a spring ritual, and thus was born Jack of the Green.


Jack himself is spring; the very personification of the season. He is concerned with new life, fertility, rebirth, birth, and healing. On top of this he is the imaginary friend to all small children and a few adults too.


You can usually find Jack with Bree, though getting any reason why this is out of Jack is sometimes quite difficult. If not with Bree then he can be found either playing hopscotch, skipping, or hide and seek.


Jack is essentially a child. He has moments of lucidity when the human he was before his Fae transformation comes more to the fore, but usually he will be in his own little world. Being a child he has something of a child's innocence, and will always strive to help those around him.


Most likely to be heard telling someone he is a season, Jack's only real fear are the Dark Monarchy.


That and finding Bree gone.



Event: Immortal Tide

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