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Institute of Curiosities

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The Institute of Curiosities

In the past the institute as dedicated itself to study and collection of artefacts with the odd plant or animal, it also contained a massive archive of unstudied objects, these have nearly all gone, (to stop the institute being constantly raided) as have all the dangerous magical objects that were in the museum.

The Institute is now dedicated mainly to research and education but still does a bit collecting.



The Institute is located on the landmass called Union, about 300 miles from the Union eye.


Buildings and grounds

The Institute now covers an area the size of town, around the perimeter is a wildlife park containing rare and or dangerous plants and animals, also including a large lake, this is fenced and walled off leaving only 2 or 3 well guarded routes through to inner area. The inner area contains 11 large buildings, 70 or so dwellings and common rooms, the main institute mansion, The College our Lady, a specialist Library building, A museum of odd objects, such as fossils, religious emblems etc., a veterinary hospital, several large glasshouses, and a hostel for travellers.


Function of the Institute

Research into unknown artifact, plants and animals, collecting strange, rare or unusual objects, plants and animals for study, before returning them back to safe natural environment. Also runs breeding/propagation program for endangered species.

The College of our lady has grown into the best college in the shards worlds, with long waiting list of students wishing to learn within its walls.



Its main resource is its famous members listed below, but for its members the following are available


A Library on Ancient Languages, History, Antiques, plants, and animals second to none, rare books, scrolls, tablets donated by Indech and Izzanbard Devlin. (Note this does not include the Alfar Codex) plus books on many other subjects.

Its has fully equipped laboratories, veterinary, medical facilities

Well trained staff for dealing with the more dangerous items, animals plants etc..

Highly secure vaults

Guarded grounds, and private buildings/rooms for those that want them.


Famous Members

  • Izzanbard Devlin - Head of the Institute, general research, artifact location research and library expert.
  • Jessica Goodfellow or Professor Goodfellow - General research, botanical research, historical research and environmental research, particularly where the environment is hostile.  Looks after the Institute accounts
  • Dashal Avalon - Born in the Institute, tomb raider, field researcher, expert in Alfar objects, and history teacher at the Institute.
  • Ilona Ap Lokion - Once known as Madeline  Expert in making, understanding and research of magical imbued artefact's, also de-commissions artefacts that are considered dangerous. 
  • Doctor Flay - General researcher, and expert in alchemy and also a horologist. 
  • Moon LeeField researcher, acquirer of artefacts.
  • Mr Snow - Once was in charge of research, but went missing for many years, now just a member. 
  • Dr Ichabod CraneGeneral research specialist in anatomy
  • George  - Alfar construct, field researcher, alfar knowledge base
  • Dr Kettle -Teacher of Medicine in the College
  • Tricksiebelle Roper  - A star pupil in the Institute College 
  • Prudence GoodfellowPupil in the Institutes College and daughter of Jessica Goodfellow
  • CorneliusResearcher
  • Frederick Flagg - Part time Researcher
  • Professor Hadir Hakim  - Member of Tsren Foxblade research team 
  • Isabella D'Arcey - Portal Navigator with retainer paid by the institute. 
  • LGM's - Permanent guest of the institute, Crystal technology research.
  • Erik Johansson - Works with Cornelius and Jessica, although nobody has actually seen him.


Missing Members

  • Scout RatTeacher of Frontier tribal skills in the institute college.


Deceased Members


Benefactors, Sponsors etc. 

Not a total list, but these are the more flamboyant ones.

James Dashwood, Mr Snow, Elias Thorn, Takeda Clan, Raphael de Medici, The Ropers, Captain Dove, Victor Von Dumas



Security is provided by 120 guards of mixed races and backgrounds.

Vaults protected physical by intricate locks, against magical opening, and against portals

The wildlife park is very dangerous fully circling the Institute.

Visitors are not allowed in main Library, Research labs, Main Institute building.



The institute employs a whole village of staff including top researchers, game keepers, gardeners, vets, plus support staff like maids, cooks, carpenters, doctors, etc.


Joining and benefits 

Guild rules state members on joining must donate a curiosity.



Arcane Science - Biology, Botany, Linguistics,

Arcane knowledge - History, Plants, Animals, Artefacts,




Game Keeper,



People joining the extensive list of very famous members, and gain access to the Institute resources, should approach the organisation head and discuss what they can offer.



The Institute was started hundreds of years ago by Emanuel Vuilliard and was based on Confederacy Isles on the Shard of Archipelago. During this time it acquired via purchase, tomb raiding, theft, gifts and many other methods a vast vault of items, more than its members could research or display. These items are stored in the vaults but not catalogued until they are researched, for this reason over 90 percent of the curiosities remained unknown even to its members. This made the institute a target for theft and attack, the objects have all been removed, returned, destroyed or buried, Izzanbard will not say, only that they are gone.


In 1813 the post as head of the Institute was given to Izzanbard Devlin who moved the whole institute and vaults to Whitewater, then when Lord Gutter and the Baka took over Whitewater between year AU0 and AU2 the Institute was moved to Union.

Mr Snow was ejected from the Institute March 1815 (reason not revealed) but was later allowed to re-join.


Famous Curiosities 

Items listed below are no longer at the Institute.

* Blood stained Cauldron that called forth Hades given to Elizabeth Thorn

* One of 13 stakes disguised as a banner part that destroyed the Brotherhood of Souls destroy great vampires

* A gifted favor from Tatiana's tree that returned Roper to the Living

* Fomori Screw Rifle parts used in an attempt to kill Cooper

* Hand of Glory used to put guards to sleep

* Casket of Wedo a soul jar gifted by Kurt the Voudon see voodoo

* Skin of a Wercat used to sneak past werewolves

* Tooth of Sauron used as a projectile in a screw rifle

* George a mechanical man of Alfar origin, freed of programmed purpose and allowed to learn and become whatever he wants

* The Everclock was stolen from the Institute and then destroyed to stablise time it was donated by Captain Dove.

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