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Bertrand Duguesclin

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Bertrand Duguesclin

Bertrand Duguesclin. ???? - 1811

When Dinan was overrun by the White Hand, Bertrand's father (the 14th Baron) and his wife fled to safety taking the family library with them. Shortly afterwards, Bertrand was born, his mother dying in giving birth to him. Having lost his barony, his father had retired from public life, and Bertrand was brought up to a life of quiet scholarship, although he remained proud of his heritage. Following his father's death he attended Hawklin's wedding party, having been asked to investigate disquieting rumours about the inquisition investigating the hospice, which was a neighbour of his. In the course of this wedding he discovered that Salem society was ruled by vampires, white-hand witches, and secret societies. He resolved to rid Salem of these, and restore it to good governance. In the pursuit of this aim he was among those to enter Thorn Castle when the curse lifted. There, he was killed by undead from Citadel.


He died secure in the knowledge that his work would go on without him.



Event: Bed of Thorns

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