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Taurnil - Bearer of the Sword Terror, Faithful of the Morrigan


The earliest decades of Taurnil’s life are shrouded in mystery, the Taralom bloodline virtually unknown to the bards and lorekeepers. All that is certain is that the family were warrior nobles, living on the very edges of Fae civilization where the clash of steel counted for far more than the endless weaving of the Dance.


His earliest memories are of combat, proving his worthiness to the Blades of Night, a band of mercenaries and warrior-druids bound to the service of the Phantom Queen. It was with bloodshed and song and carnal pleasures they worshiped their goddess and this was the style in which Taurnil spent most of his long life.


In recent years, and growing discontent with the petty machinations of the courts Taurnil is seeking the truth of his and his family's past, and is finding things are far darker than he expected; the keen eyed may see Taurnil meeting with mysterious figures in dark forests by the glow of candles in the dead of night, but any who draw near will find Taurnil alone in the dark and with no tracks save his.

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