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Sir Kailen Otorno Istel

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Sir Kailen Otorno Istel of the Black Rose,

Knight Protector of Faerie


Nightjar: “Just hit them Kailen. They are easy to kill, it’s like chopping wood”

Kailen: I have servants to chop wood for me”


Kailen Otorno Istel came to the attention of the Courts of Night and Day in the year AU 12 after he was sponsored by his father. Little had brought him to their attention before this although it is known that he fought in many wars throughout recent history. He  refers bright colours and the warmth of the day and most assume that he originated from the Seelie courts, although recently he has hinted that he may be older even than that. Since being presented at Court Kailen has risen swiftly through the strata and has been named as a Knight Protector of Faerie by the Ard-Ri.


He was known for his dislike of the Forsaken race but a chance encounter and conversation with Mikheale and Nightjar convinced him to reassess his prejudice. He then met Queen Morticia an ancient Forsaken. A future history showed that Kailen was/would be instrumental in helping the Witchking to conquer all the Shards through his relationship with Morticia but this future was avoided when Kailen aided the Rat Tribe to destroy the Nexus of the Forsaken hivemind. Morticia was imprisioned by the Witchking but then appeared later in Faerie with Kailen as her consort.


He was also present during the ritual to protect the Shards from a terrible threat which resulted in the sinking of Atlantis and the  eaths of many of the citizens of Faerie. He was also catapulted back in time by Stiltskin Ribbons which resulted in him slaying the  irst Silver Unicorn to save the Shards from the weight of Paradox.


Kailen is known to be very tough, able to shrug off blows that would disable a normal man – indeed on more than one occasion he  as got back up from what would had killed another. He is honourable and his word is his bond although anyone dealing with any of  he Fae should pay very careful attention to what is said. He is fairly easygoing and has a love of travel and meeting new peoples,  howing up unexpectedly throughout the Shards, although recent history has kept in busy on Faerie.



Kailen: What would be the point of saving her life if the world had no good manners left?”

If you could concentrate on one thing, you could be quite dangerous”

“You just need to work out which side he is on. No, actually its understanding he’s on his own side”

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