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Joseph Kisner

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Joseph Kisner


Joseph grew up in the shard of Salem in the town of Rennes before the church re-unified, brought up by both parents and was tutored in the way of the forge by his blacksmith father. During Joseph’s 14th year he began to loose interest in his father Jacob’s work and became fixated on his fathers old pistol left over from his service in the Western army and took to hanging around the local garrison, inquisitively asking about the firearms. Wanting the best for his son after many failed attempts to curb his interest in such things he encourage this fascination, and so convinced himself that his son deserves a better life then his in his current profession especially with what was going on in the empire. War was brewing between east and west so Jacob took it upon himself to gather all the teachings he could on the makings of such weapons because being of such low upbringing the teaching of such weaponry was regarded as more for someone of high status, but in doing so he broke one of Salem’s most sacred laws and that was the possession of books.


During Josephs few years of studying and practising in his father’s workshop the making of firearms the war finally came and with the east being the victors they started a bloody campaign to root out all heretics, so it came to pass that he and his family were discovered by them. The Salemite Inquisition had been tipped off by their zealous neighbours and the weight of the church came down upon them. During the raid Joseph’s father told him to escape this place and to continue his craft else where away from the persecution of Salem. His father distracted the church’s agents long enough for Joseph to grab his father’s old pistol, some books on his craft and limited previsions and managed escape through a hidden tunnel under the house but not without seeing his family taken away by an Inquisitor never to be seen again.


For the next 10 years Joseph lived as an outlaw specifically targeting small inquisitorial supply caravans and patrols around the areas of Rennes, Bordeuyu and Zeebruge whenever he could, he became hell bent on avenging his family that he not only grew to hate the church with a fiery passion but also the people that cowered under their rule that refused to fight back against their oppressors.


While striking out against the church Joseph finally mastered his craft and began to pass himself off in the region as a gunsmith using it to make a living for himself so he could keep up his darker agendas as well as supplying himself with a new identity that kept his real one from being discovered too easily.


After he began his attacks against the church a bounty was put on his head for anyone who could bring him in and that price steadily increased over the years as his attacks came more frequent and still unopposed. In order to keep himself just out of getting caught by the church Joseph started a string of informants others that hated the oppression of the church and aided him in avoiding capture. At the beginning of Josephs 9 year as an outlaw he was presented with some shocking news, the church was planning an ambush for him so they could rid themselves of Joseph once and for all. After hearing this Joseph decided that it was time to leave Salem until the attention on him had died down so he took with him his finest crafted pistol and sold his services as a guard for any traders that would take him away from Salem.


After 6 months of travel using his new found profession he found himself in Archipelago where he decided to take his skills into the world after experiencing the life of a sell sword so he decided to see who else might have use for a skilled individual such as himself and it was this decision which lead him to a seedy bar in the Port of Saint where he met a sea captain by the name of Morgan Toleco began recruiting for his ship the Eternal Vigilance and the Archipelago Confederate Navy. The start of it all was a little shaky but after a few tankards of rum it was decided for Joseph to sign up and lend his talents to the captain, the next day the Eternal Vigilance shoved off and Joseph never looked back.


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