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Captain Morgan Toleco

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Captain Morgan Toleco


"Stuff this I'm getting Chicken" - Captain Morgan


Born to a minor noble family in the Port of Saints in Archipelago and educated at the Confederacy Naval Academy, Morgan was always destined for a nautical life, he spent 15 years in the navy man and boy working his way up to the rank of Captain he could have gone further if he would have chosen to but after seeing his father sat at a desk until retirement this did not appeal to him. He is a very driven and confident man which gets him into a large amount of trouble.


He despised pirates of the Crimson Brotherhood and Blacksail Buccaneers and hunted them ruthlessly up until he met Captain Anna Elizabeth Hoyght and her crew and after a while realised that he had been tarring everyone with the same brush and that he had only been making the sea free for a certain type of people as opposed to everyone as it should be and has such gone freelance and is co-head of the Seaborne Alliance which was formed after a large sea battle and the first appearance of the Marine-Annexation Foundation ships.


For a nobleman Morgan is coarse and finds it difficult in situations that require any form etiquette, most notably turning up to the house of a recent widow and discussing battle plans with anyone who would listen. He is friendly and not a bad person but is willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done and as such this can lead him into some morally questionable methods even if this means piracy which when questioned he will heartily refute calling it a necessary act to defeat a bigger threat.


For a while now he has sailed on a brigantine called The Revenge but before this sailed a ship which was his pride and joy The Eternal Vigilance which he intends to recover at some point but cannot find the time at present to do so.


Morgan was last seen absconding with Thorn Castle, sailing into the Netherworld, his fate is unknown.

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