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Items of intrinsic value and wealth will fall into one of the following categories:

1.  Tanners (Fluff and Buttons) = pretty worthless

2.  Coppers (Seamstresses Smile) = equivalent to a very good night out

3.  Lords Silver = equivalent to a months luxury

4.  Kings Ransom = equivalent to a years luxury

5.  Dragons Horde = equivalent to three decades of luxury


1+2 are coinage systems used in play, 3, 4 & 5 are large amounts of money that are usually reprisented by promissory notes.



Blood Line Minerals



Exchange rate
The exchange rate between wealth amounts is:
1 Copper = 30 Tanners
1 Lords Silver = 30 Coppers
1 Kings Ransom = 30 Lords Silvers
1 Dragons Horde = 30 Kings Ransoms




Carried Money

This is the money that a player character will have in his pocket/purse/bag/on his person, unless they have negotiated otherwise with a ref before time in of an event. 
Money per event is worked out by social class as shown below:
Lower lower class = 1Tanner

Upper lower class = 5 Tanners
Lower Middle class = 10 Tanners
Upper Middle class = 1 Copper
Lower Upper class = 5 Coppers
Upper Upper class = 10 Coppers


Note this pocket money can't be saved between events, at the end event its gone and at the beginning of the next it is replenished to the same amount.




Upkeep and Social Status Money

Ascendancy does not have a true money systems or accounts system, earnings or outgoings are not monitored, it is assumed everything you earn from your social status, land holdings, mines, trading vessels, occupations etc is ploughed back into to pay your servants, rent, guild memberships, sailors, buying posh clothes, travel, etc. with net outcome of 0.

The only money considered is treasure or items found in game or money earned when you spend a downtime doing earning money beyond just upkeep. 

During downtimes however, background, occupations etc are considered and the ref's make a judgement on if you can afford to carry out your downtime, where the ref's feel something needs to be paid for outside your net neutral earnings you will be informed.


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