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Five Thunders History

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History of the Five Thunders

Long ago this shard was a peaceful place its five great provinces living in harmony. Bandits or twisted creatures occasionally troubled villages but there was always a honourable hero ready to defend the weak.

Then came the Thunders, five evil immortals in human form, which raised armies of the dead and infernal to conquer the shard. The Chosen Ones (also known as the 1001 heroes) of the shard fought bravely against the Thunders but they were unstoppable, finally a monk called Tsung gathered together the remaining heroes and forged them into an army to fight the Thunders and their minions. The army called themselves the Tsungdo; ‘the way of Tsung’.


The Tsungdo destroyed the demon army of the Thunders but not even their bravery could stand against the combined strength of five immortals, during a climatic battle, the entire army was turned to clay, and Tsung vanished from history.


After their victory the Thunders separated, each to choose and rule a province of their own, slowly twisting the land and the people into their own form. This land became known for many thousands of years, as The Court of the Five Thunders.


It was split into five realms, each held by a separate emperor. These ruled from the Courts of Jade, Iron, Jet, Gold and Silver. These Emperors were in fact horrors from the Netherworld and sought to subjugate the whole world invading all the other shards through the core portals. They were eventually defeated one by one until the Court of the Five Thunders was left in turmoil. What followed was repeated wars, invasions and political upheavals, as the land found its new place and structure.


In the Court of Silver, the 12 Tigers declared they had found the heir to the true Emperor and that Heaven had granted him the mandate to rule the land.


In the Court of Gold a ronin named Winter led his peasant troops into battle and defeated many Daimyos. He declared that the ways of the past were ended and that the peasants should rule themselves.


In the Court of Iron a Daimyo was named Warlord by his allied clans and formed the Imagawa Shogunate.


Over the 10 years following AU0 - the joining of Shards - many battles were fought and many Daimyos defeated. Those that have sworn fealty to the Emperor now hold one third of the land, the peasants control one third, as does the Imagawa Shogunate. There is peace of a sort as each knows that if it defeated one of the others the third would easily conquer them.


In AU10 a great treaty was signed by each kingdom agreeing that the kingdoms would not attack each other and would unite if any gaijin - outsiders - invaded. Although the peace remains this treaty is frail and constantly imperiled.


One piece of good news, in AU 19 the God above all other Thunders Gods: the Celestial Dragon, returned to the land. Now many claim the Thunders is set to rise in power again, and yet more claim that the Celestial Dragon guides them towards a new future.


The Old Courts of Five Thunders

The Open Hand


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