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Forest Sidhe

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Forest Sidhe

The once indigenous population of Frontier.

These were the rulers of the many fine jungle cities on Frontier until the arrival of the Saurons over a millennium ago. All but wiped out now, the Forest Sidhe fight a guerrilla war against the Sauron invaders. The remaining Forest Sidhe lead a tribal life in the thick forests and woods that cover Frontier. They prefer to dwell in the wild places, where they may commune with nature; the animals, plants, insects and birds which dwell there. They make good trackers, are well versed in herbal and plant lore and are skilled with the bow and spear. They are hunters and consider the forest to be their home, frequently leading a nomadic existence and living in family groupings, called clans.


Their numbers have dwindled even further in the wake of the Green Sepsis.


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