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Acceptable Use Policy

By editing or adding to the Ascendancy Wiki you agree to abide by the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) laid out in this document. We reserve the right to delete any documents which do not conform to this AUP, general ettiquette, the law, or basic common sense.


People who break the AUP will be prevented from editing the wiki in future. If you find a document which does not conform to the AUP, please edit it to bring it in line with the guidelines given here and report the person who created/editied it to a wiki Admin.


Comments or questions about Ascendancy should be directed to the Website Forum on the main Ascendancy LRP website.


Please check back here regularly, as the AUP may change or be updated.




Only information which directly relates to Ascendancy LRP, or is of relevant interest to Ascendancy players, may be posted to this wiki. Before adding new information, please make sure that it is not already given somewhere on the wiki. If information is relevant to more than one section of the wiki you can link to it from both, but please do not create duplicate documents which contain the same information. This is a waste of effort and server space. Inappropriate or duplicate information will be deleted.



Ascendancy is played by both adults and children, and this wiki is read by both, so please consider this when adding content. While you can use whatever language you like in the body of a document you should remember that a number of our refs and players have internet access through systems with net nanny filters and documents with swear words in them will not be visible to these people. In particular you must not use swear words in the title of a document, or in links to your document from index pages, as this will prevent these people from reading entire sections of the wiki. Documents with swear words in their titles, or links from indexes which use swear words, will be edited or deleted.



Please make sure you add content to an appropriate section of the wiki. This helps other people find the information they are looking for. When possible, follow the structure already in place, and only add new sections where necessary. Inapropriately placed information will be moved or deleted.


Server Space

The server space on this wiki is limited. For this reason we ask that, where possible, you store large files like photos and movies on other webspace and link to them from the wiki. This leaves the space here for those who don't have access to space elsewhere. If we run out of space we will have to start deleting old data, photographs, etc.


Editing Other People's Documents

It is perfectly permissable, and in many cases actively encouraged, for you to edit documents created by other people in order to bring them up to date, correct mistakes, etc. However, you should not delete large chunks of content or entire documents without checking that the person who created them is happy for you to do so. Obsolete information can often be moved or updated rather than deleted. If you do delete considerable amounts of information you should keep a backup of what you deleted in case someone requests that it be restored.


Different people will no doubt have different opinions on what information should be given in which document.  When no resolution is possible between the parties involved, you can contact a ref for a ruling.



Wikis are unfortunately prone to vandalism by their nature. People found to be vandalising this wiki (by which we mean deleting large amounts of data, defacing documents, posting inappropriate content, etc) will be prevented from editing the wiki in future. Please report all cases of vandalism to a wiki admin.


Backing Up

While the wiki admins will take backups of the entire wiki when possible, YOU are responsible for making sure that you have a backup of any information that you add to the wiki. In the case of computer malfunction or malicious vandalism of the wiki you should not rely on admins, or anyone else, to have a back up of your data.


Contact Details

If you wish other Ascendancy players to be able to contact you we encourage you to join our forum. Please think carefully before giving out your own contact details, particularly "real world" information like phone numbers or addresses. Although this wiki is primarily read and used by regular Shards players it is on the internet for anyone to see, and we get all sorts of people reading the website. We know. Occasionally they email us and we can assure you some of them are very strange....


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