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It is believed the Dragons are the eldest of all races, even older than the Alfar, they once ruled the whole world and had servitor races called bloodlines. The Dragons have no written history however they are immortal and some have existed for hundreds or thousands of years.


Dragon can change form and size and may human or be flying fire breathing creatures the size of large house, they are incredibly powerful, they come in all the colours of shards and may breath other things than fire.


The Dragons look down upon all creatures, humans, fey etc. has less than them and ignore them most of time, so when a Dragon does speak to you it's usually important and you may die if you give them backchat humorous or not.


There are not many Dragons left in the world and they mostly live out of sight in caves in the Irondelve mountains. They breed slowly and only one Dragon egg has hatched in the last fifty thousand years.


At the top of the Dragon hierarchy are the Gold Dragon. There is, by tradition, only one Gold Dragon in possession of its full legacy at a time. This is because the Gold Dragon is the Dragon of Justice: able to manipulate situations in order to balance the books in times of conflict but also more subtly as playing a part of balance in all things.


The Difference between a Dragon and Draken is important although the creature is still basically the same, Dragons are ancient and born from an egg, Draken are hidden bloodlines that appears in some humans and gradually changes them over many hundreds of years, they are young and looked poorly upon by many Dragons, however others appreciate any growth in numbers.


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