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The Courts

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The Age of the Young, began less than seven thousand years ago with the Fae as most would recognise them coming together to form The Courts of the Seelie and Unseelie. Now as the surviving Elders amongst the Faerie population could explain, seven thousand years is but the blinking of an eye in the history of Faerie and all things change.


So it was that the Courts as they were fell and were replaced by a united Courts of Night and Day, controlled by two Queens, one who rules from dawn until dusk and another who precides over her subjects from dusk until dawn.

However this led to stagnation and a stalemate emerged between those who favoured stability, those who wanted new ways and those who wanted the old ways. In the end Faerie herself intervened and bound several Fae as well as other races to decide the future of Faerie. So the Courts were broken apart once more, and the Seelie and Unseelie Courts were restored, one to rule the day, and one to rule the night.


The lands of the Courts are simultaneously brand new and impossibly ancient. Rebuilt upon the ruins of thousand-year cities destroyed by the waters the courts reclaim ancient splendour. However, this ancient foundation is surrounded by the young vegetation of a land restoring itself and patched with new masonry.

The lowland Courts are probably the most vibrant of the Faerie lands, bursting with new possibilities.


The Courts are preoccupied with The Dance, an intricate set of rules and ettiquete governed by way of a Hive mind, with all Fae who form part of the Courts linked to it and under the thrall of their Queens. The majority of Faeries that you will meet on the Shards are part of the Courts and when others talk of the Fae, it is these people to whom they usually refer.


Unseelie: The Night court, most influential therefore in Winter. The Unseelie are the outwardly nastier edge of the Fey. Most of the monstrous sentient races find their home among the Unseelie. This reputation is largely undeserved as they are as courtly and polite as any Fey. In truth they are simply direct, if an Unseelie wants you dead, then they will kill you. They don’t hide behind cat’s paws and tend toward a “you keep what you are strong enough to hold on to” mentality.


Seelie: The Day court, most influential therefore in Summer. The Seelie are – wrongly – often thought of as “the nice ones”. This is largely because of their tendency to smile and nod to your face and then arrange matters to your disadvantage behind your back. Seelie are schemers and delight in using cat’s paws and dupes to carry out their desires. Both courts are equally likely to contain pleasant, generous people as cruel, selfish ones. The Seelie are just less up front about their natures.


Hive Mind - Fey from the courts may be part of the Fey Hive mind. Fey in the Hive mind share a consensus of the thoughts and feelings of all its member no matter where they are in the world. The Hive mind is not a tool to communicate, although the strong minded can influence the general thoughts and feeling of the moment within the Hive mind.



High above the lowland Courts is the Fortified city of Stronghold, oldest and most mighty of all Faerie cities.


It guards the Core Portal of Faerie and is at one and the same time the seat of ancient tradition and governance and a bustling trading centre welcoming all the peoples of the world.


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