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The Ard-Ri

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Following the union of the Shards into a single world, the Faerie people have done what they can to resolve their differences or at least put in place a structure which leaves room for talk and negotiation rather than immediate open and bloody warfare. This process was started in the years preceeding the forging of the new world by a sidhe named Finnlay, who approached the Forest Sidhe and the Water Sidhe offering to be their voice on Faerie as they had none and so those who wished it might return.


Those Fomorii who were not followers of Domnu heard of this meeting and turned up in order to offer their support. Each of these three races gave Finnlay a task to complete to prove his worth and promised him a year and a day to act as their voice and to prove himself. Finnlay succeeded in these tasks and after a year and a day, the three races agreed to give him full backing as the Ard-Ri of Faerie.

Thus, the Court of Faerie was formed and the long exiled races of the Forest and Water Sidhe returned to Faerie. Under Finnlay's rule there has been peace since the time of the Joining of the Shards.

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