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Character profile links will be placed in here if they are unfortunate enough to snuff it





PC's  NPC's
Alexander Rothschild (Catacombs of Carnage)

Alexia Wickham, Dr

Aouhki (Presumed killed by Saurons)

Arthos/Mordred (Arthur)

Ayven (Presumed killed by Saurons)


Captain Ashley 'Ash' Losstarot

Dark Rider

Commodore Benjamin Strathmore (Spirit at Thrones and Dominations 2014)

James Dishwater

Fang (Flames Over Salem Aug 2010)

Jeremiah Saviour

Jaunty (Simulacra 2013)

Khaldun Al-Fulani

Joajin ()


Lady Agathangelos Sunwhisper

Ruth Renshaw-Syresse, Mrs

Marlow Cainan Syriesse (Thrones and Dominations 2014)

Stiltskin Ribbons

Nightjar (Ascended to Godhood - Armageddon 2016)
Witch King
Sargent Steven 'Sparks' Sparrow  
Shaman Nix (Armageddon 2016)  
Sister Edika Simm (Presumed Killed by Frisian Berserkers at Voyage of Outcomes 2018)  
Tallahassee Stone  
Tristan Hatfield (Armageddon 2016)  
Tsren Foxblade (Voyage of Outcomes 2018)  
William Abberton (Flames Over Salem 2010)  
Wilhemina Murdoch (Demon attack on Port of Saints 2016)  
Chance: Chance Under Starlight (From the Ashes of Angels... sort of... 2011)  
Chance: Lancior Wayward (Killed... sort of...)  
Chance: Janus (You know the drill by now...)  


Old Graveyard

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