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Brotherhood of Souls

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 Brotherhood of Souls

Brothers Stand United


Members of Current Cycle:

Arthos (Fionn)

Bana (Sir Galahad)

Bulverik Grueelson

Commodore Strathmore (Will Scarlet)


Darathior (Sir Lancelot)

Joseph Kisner (Friar Tuc)     

Mal (Sir Bedivere the Berserker)

Mir Blake (Guinevere)

Tarin Howell (Perseus)

Tristan (Little John, Sir Kay, Heracles)


Sir Percy from the previous Cycle was a member, but has since been slain, his fate in the current cycle is unknown.


Miranda (Morgana)



There is still one original brother missing from these brothers, and until the soul fragments are completed there are other Brotherhood groups throughout the Shards World.




Adale (Companion to Percival)

Captain Morgan Toleco (General Brotherhood Companion)

Kissimirri (Companion to Mal)

Mr Snow (General Brotherhood Companion)










Brotherhood of Souls Advantages and Disadvantages


Current history:


The group formed up just after the evacuation of Fort William.  The group traveled quickly along with many others towards the fortress known as New Tara a place known by Percy (the only surviving member of the last cycle) however it didn't go smoothly.  Craven and a large group of blighted were waiting and a battle ensued in which two members were captured.  Mal and Joseph were later rescued by Nightjar and joined the group who had gained entrance to the fortress.


Most of the group then traveled to an auction before agreeing to help defend the Great Wall on Faerie.  This battle was not against the Witchking but a different enemy in the Dark Rider, the battle didn't go well in that the wall was destroyed and the enemy forces were able to break through and head towards the Vault.


However the brotherhood didn't stick around long and headed straight to Frontier to do battle with their true enemy once again.  The Witchking was after a supply of Flangite and needed to be stopped.  Unfortunately due to an alliance with the Saurons and Ubilitas Grim the Witchkings forces were able to repel the attackers.


The group later joined a covert mission to infiltrate Carnelium a place ruled over by their enemy the Witchking.  It was during this mission that they managed to gain vital information to the workings of the Witchking and did battle with Craven as a group for a second time.  This battle spelt the end for the enemy General but he didn't go alone, Alexander Rothschild was also killed in this fight.  Both men died after being shot by a flangite cannon fired by Mal and Joseph after Alex had grabbed graven, holding him in place and yelling for them to fire. It was a sacrifice for the greater good - or so they hope.


The Brotherhood of Souls have also managed to aid in the recapturing of the portal on Frontier.  This was during a large scale battle on three different continents.  The forces on Frontier which contained both Joseph and Mal once again managed to take control of the fortress and severed the easiest link between the Witchking and the Saurons, a double blow from Mal as he is a beastkin and killing a Sauron leader raised the morale of the beastkin group a lot.


Havelock/Percy meanwhile was stranded in Carnelium after the forces trying a second attack were defeated. He later re-appeared in Carnelium, blighted and heavily wounded where he fell unconscious. He is now awake and recovering within the walls of Stronghold.


Some time later they were transported along with several people to a house in Faerie. There the Three members heard a voice in there head saying the Brotherhood needed to be whole again. However before action could be taken three Vampires arrived with an offering of a fourth Vampire saying that the fourth was rouge and responsible for the deaths in the Port of Saints recently. They offered her to the Brotherhood as a token of peace saying they did not wish for conflict.


After mercifully taking care of the Vampire Percy set about to find the Lady of the Lake with a set of heroes. Night had fallen and the area was dark, Tristan used his abilities to find a body of water, there the Lady of the Lake was summoned and Blessed the group.


The Brotherhood was awakened once more and a new cycle began.


Them a figure stepped forth and Fionn revealed himself to the group. He had returned to lead them and ensure that this time they finished the job they had started.


The three Vampires returned later and tried to bargin with the Brotherhood. However during the talks Falco is shot with a rosewood bullet that passes through him, injuring one of the Brothers. The gunman is not seen and it is unknown who fired. Mr Snow attempted to finish off the Vampire but was stopped. The Brotherhood agreed to meet the Vampires again on union near the portal.


At the meeting they bluffed the Vampires into thinking the Brotherhood had fully awakened and dared them to challenge them. The Vampires fled.


When several members went to Dust they were suprised to come accross a new soul carrier, when news that the Sable veil had been told to find a Vampires Tomb by The Vampire Nation, and had released an ancient Vampire who didn't have allegiance to The Vampire Nation the Brotherhood Members decided to awaken the newest Brother and Together they defeated the Ancient Vampire and it's minions.


Gathering on Frontier the Brotherhood had two tasks in mind, to thwart a Vampire that had shown up on Frontier and to seek the Lady of the Lake to better awaken and ask her about Merlin. They journeyed to a Lake and bid and Audience with the Lady. She told them they were fragments of the full souls and gave them each a blessing to re-live thier memories, within which Merlin dwelt. They soon began experiencing Memories from the Robin Hood cycle and journeyed through the Jungle seeing Sherwood. After this they encountered Mordred who had found some more of the Brotherhood with Soul Fragments. Unfortunatly Arthos and Mordred couldn't see eye to eye, and after a fight Mordred left with his group. They went through two more cycles, The Argonaughts and the The Fenian Cycles finding a piece of Merin in each, Mind, Spirit and Body. Each told them to seek out the pieces in the real world, the first of which was located in a special part of Salem, The Mind of Merlin. After fighting through the memories they found Mordred again and he told them about the location of the Vampire.Because of Mal's loyalty to Arthos he refused to trust Mordred and Mordred Volunteered to remain behind if that was what it took. The Brotherhood moved on and confronted the Vampire which was the last Omega Vampire. Having found out killing them might release Omega once again they defeated it and trapped it in Blood Vine, before giving it to Captain Morgan Toleco to put in a safe place. As the Brotherhood was about to leave Mordred was watching from the treeline, after the battle he saluted his Brothers and left again.


The Brotherhood then Journeyed to Salem to seek the Mind of Merlin. They helped in the destruction of the Blight and the final defeat of the Witch King. Along the way they found the Mind of Merlin and the Body of Merlin which transpired to be an earlier version of Merlin calling himself the Hermit, this was a time when he had apparently transformed himself into a Drakken and forgotten what he was.The Mind of Merlin left to find the body and apparently at some point made the Body eat him so that the two would merge.


Later the Brotherhood again encountered a confused Merlin who after much coaxing eventualy told them his final piece, Spirit, was held by Jessica Goodfellow. He also after playing a long guessing game got them to guess thier thier purpose, to be heroes of renown, and told that the more heroic and the better the story they created, the more thier souls would re-form into thier whole forms, and that the other fragments would fade from the other Bodies leaving just the 13 once again.


Merlin came to the Brotherhood again, but got a craving for cake and disappeared to the confectioners guild, but was summoned back through Percy's enchanted blades.

He told them that this was not a new cycle, as the Grail Story had ended, this was the start of a New Story, their task, to stop the Horrors from returning and stop the Horror's Taint.

He also said that while Mr Du Mornay was their enemy, the other Vampires of the The Vampire Nation were not nessisarily. This was proven when the Vampire Mr Strommeler helped the Brotherhood defeat a Vampire that had come back from the future and was helping Mr Du Mornay. It seems there is now a cold war between the Vampires of The Vampire Nation, and it would seem the Brotherhood could well decide it's fate.


Merlin also told them that roles may have changed, and that they would learn new talents over the new story. Mordred was no longer the antagonist, he would be whatever they made him.


Older History


The Brotherhood of Souls (also known as the Eternal Warriors) was originally created by the Alfar, the first true civilisation to arise on Faerie. The souls of the original 13 members of the Brotherhood were reborn into new bodies and re-awakened whenever a great peril threatend the Shards.



Former Members (Or Hosts) of the Old Brotherhood of Souls



Lucinda (Deceased)

Queoshi (Deceased)

Raymond (Deceased)

Kelly (Deceased)

Dalreyan Ap Eithan (Deceased)

Father Havelock Lawrence Percival

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