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Salem is quickest described as a continent that mirrors in many ways 16th Century Europe. The main theme of Salem is extreme religious fervour. The church is in charge and defines what is acceptable, anyone different is burned as a witch or warlock.


Salem has a climate and geography similar to that of Europe, with a few exceptions. The main Salem land mass has a temperate climate, with the extreme north being a frozen land and the south being a somewhat warmer having a Mediterranean climate. Technically a part of Salem, the southernmost region is Araby. The climate of Araby is very dry and warm, but not the bone dry deserts and rare oasis of Dust. Flood plains and rivers nourish and irrigate Araby, making it very fertile and prosperous region. A land bridge did exists between Avalon and the main land mass but was destroyed by floods and war.


Salem Current Background

Salem History


Salem Locations: 

The Holy Empire of the West

The Barony of Aragon

People's Republic of East Salem

Teutonic Lands


Attacotti Lands



Raven Lands

Saami Lands

Khinghan Lands



The Roma

Beggars Roost

Salemite Religion


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