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Frontier is a savage, forest land full of dangerous wildlife and aggressive, flesh eating plants. The peoples of this land include tribal groups and forest sidhe that try to live with the land. Living uncomfortably alongside them, and often regarded as unwelcome invaders by their neighbours, are the settlers that claim land as their own. Descended from populations displaced from the other continents, they cut down jungles, build fences and farms and generally attempt to tame the untamable.


Frontier is land of extremes, including verdant, humid, tropical jungle river basins; vast savanna grasslands; massive swamps; unending salt flats; cooler mountain plateaus, and active volcanic regions with boiling mud and rolling lava. All full of all types of dangerous plants and animals.


There are man eating plants that can pull up their roots and move, rats the size of dogs and all types of highly poisonous creatures. Those not familiar with the land usually don't survive long or stick to carefully selected areas and local scouts.


Most parts of Frontier would be traditionally be considered warm although temperatures have been dropping and the mountain tops are now as cold as anywhere else on the world.


Frontier Current Background

Frontier History


Frontier Locations: 

Tribal Lands

Settler Lands

The Saurons Lands


New Tara

Vincent's Village



Green Sepsis



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