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The Thunders

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A land based around the cultures of Ancient Japan, China, Tibet and Mongolia. This land is split between three rival factions.


The Thunders a is continent where the weather is subject to extremes. Cold, wet winters and hot, humid summers. Most of the land is forested and mountainous although there is a desert area and also a large lowland swamp marsh called the Water Margins. The Thunders as one large island upon which sits the capital of all the Thunders: Maroto Misaki. There are a couple of other small islands but the bulk of the population lives on the main land mass.


The Thunders Current Background

Five Thunders History


Thunders Locations:

The Imperial Empire

The Shogunate

The Kinryoku (Sanctuary)

The Kuragari




New Thunders News 2018   

Old Thunders News



Thunders Honour

What is honour: The Samurais view  



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