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Faerie is perhaps the most fluid and changeable of lands, reputed (amongst Faeries at least) to be the oldest of the Shards and the place where civilisation as we would recognise it first arose. A land with an ancient history, full of magic and mystery where nothing is ever quite as it seems, enchantments are common and favours carry more weight than money; this is the Faerie of old tales, myth and legend.


Faerie is a large continental island, forests and mountains dominate here, occasionally breaking to reveal grass plains that roll to the sea. There are very few ancient woodlands though as the lands were inundated by the sea for many years. Only in the highest and oldest places are the original deep places of Faerie preserved. In the same manner, the population centres cluster around the mountains that once were islands. Older, ruined settlements have been recolonised and rebuilt in the lowlands once more but the heart of Faerie is in its hills.


Faerie Current Background

Faerie History

Faerie Cultures


Faerie Locations: 

The Courts

Formori Lands

Iron Delve Mountains

The Monestary of Gideon Rosarius


Nightmare Forest & Black Briar Marsh

Planes of Anger and Thoughtfulness

Atlantean Protectorate

Faerie - Places of Note


Peoples of Faerie: 

The Fomorii

The McUens 

The Unicorns

The Monarchs




The Ard-Ri



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