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Archipelago is a series of four broad sets of islands, each populated by a major seafaring culture.


The islands of Archipelago are a semi-tropical paradise with, for the most part, storm-free waters. The Southern group of islands is the Rat Run. This area is well known for its difficult waters which make it difficult to navigate, with many sandbanks and reefs, and can be fatal during the rougher winter seas. This obviously makes the islands a haven for all manner of Pirates and vagabonds. North of the Rat Run is the biggest group of Islands which make up The Confederacy, to the west are the Fenris isles and to the east the The Court of the Water Dragon.


Archipelago Current Background

History of Archipelago


Archipelago Locations:

The Confederacy Islands

The Rat Run

Fenris Isles

Court of the Water Dragon

Sea of the Water Sidhe



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