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Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel (JaBE for short) McUen (the McUen is silent) was born from an amorous liaison between a Voodoo Mambo of Ezili and a McUen from Faerie. JaBE's father left soon after his son's birth for reasons undisclosed and JaBE's mother promptly died of a broken heart not long after, leaving him to be raised by his maternal grandparents in the Voodoo Quarter of Whitewater, Archipelago. JaBE has since cursed all McUens and harbors a great dislike for them, viewing his own membership in their clan by blood as a curse he would not wish upon his gravest enemies.

Father issues aside, JaBE taught himself how to read and write and, fit with the ambition to use knowledge to lift people up from poverty, managed to enroll himself in the Serpentine University in Whitewater. There he graduated and went on to gain his doctorate at the University, where he still teaches to this day and is an active exponent of the establishment.


Dr. JaBE's natural-born talent was evident from his early years, where he found he could see and speak to spirits. This he now combines with his advanced levels of mechanical knowledge and skill to produce works of technological wonder, combining mechanics and spirits to create Spirit-driven Technology. Dr. JaBE however remains determined to not sully his reputation amongst the denizens of the Spirit World, with which he still frequently communicates, and always ensures that any spirit entities employed in his machinery do so of their own free will and can depart their service whenever they choose.


Recently Dr. JaBE has become caught up in events surrounding the enigmatic group of heroes and adventurers known as the Wanderers, and frequently curses fate for thrusting him into the mix with them. Whereas his initial interest in them and their frequent encounters with the supernatural and historical was purely academic, now he strives to enhance his knowledge and create bigger and better machines so that he might more easily survive the dangers he finds himself mixed up in thanks to his association with them.

Try as he might however, Dr. JaBE cannot deny that merely by being around these misfits and danger-magnets, he finds he has been introduced to ideas, technologies, knowledge and powers that he would never have otherwise have crossed paths with. And so, he is forced to grudgingly accept his role in whatever fateful dilemmas the Wanderers drag him into next.


Recent events :-

  • After being abducted into the parallel world of the Thirteen, Dr. JaBE became familiar not just with alter-Thule crystal-based technology but also with a set of dark and arcane papers which may or may not have something to do with the Horrors, but enabled him to start on his path to learning the art of Necromancy
  • After researching the background of an elusive necromancer from Salem called Antonius da Monte Ulmi, Dr. JaBE discovered an encyphered journal belonging to Antonius himself, interred in a vampire's tomb. Said vampire and cohorts quickly came to confront Dr. JaBE about the theft, but instead of taking the journal back, the one calling himself Mr Scarlet merely entered into JaBE's mind a compulsion to share all that he learns about the journal. This only served to further cement Dr. JaBE's quest to discover the contents of the book, all the while enhancing his growing Necromantic abilities.
  • A series of unfortunate events lead Dr. JaBE to find himself aboard the infamous space-and-time faring sentient structure known as Thorn Castle. Whilst enduring the mind-bending horrors therein, Dr. JaBE, amongst others of a technological bent, was employed to administer to the Castle's mechanical workings. Over the course of two sanity-breaking days, Dr. JaBE was successfully able to fashion parts and repair components of the Castle, adding yet another occult form of technology to his growing knowledge base. He also claims to have come away from the encounter with a new friend, potentially a spirit that had until recently resided inside the Castle.  He did also however come away from the encounter short one left hand.
  • A trip to Frontier saw Dr JaBE re-engage with his Vooudoun roots by helping create a construct life-form called a JuJu Man. Dr JaBE was also able to procure large amounts of a new material called <*insert mineral name*. Dr JaBE helped discover and counteract a strange frequency transmission emanating apparently from a portal to the demon world, which affected those born on or connected to Frontier. It appears that the "new friend" Dr JaBE came away from Thorne Castle with was an adult white draken, observable only while in the spirit realm.

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