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The Bestiary of Known Creatures

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Abominations are bioengineered servants of the Saurons. Unlike the Kindred, Abominations are specially created to do a single task: this can be a basic as a creature filtering drinking water with no thinking components. It could be walking bag of acidic blood ready to burst on an enemy; a ten-legged carrier beast to be used as cart to carry stone to build the Sauron Ziggurats; or some special, quick-thinking warrior.

The Saurons grow whatever they need for the task, creature of flesh and blood but little else recognisable.


Not to be confused with what most Salemites and the Thules call abominations.


The Alfar are the first true civilisation known to have arisen on the Shards, The Fey are believed to be their descendants.. A Race that existed many thousands of years ago but died out. Alfar artefacts are highly valued because they had reached technology level far above that which exist today.



The Apep are a human size and shaped intelligent reptilian race also known as Serpent people. They are strong and wise, one Serpent warrior can fight ten Human warriors and win. They should not be confused with Sutekh or Saurons, their numbers are small, they cannot mimic Humans nor do they have acidic blood.



The Baka were once the servants of Loa, until the Loa were lost at the time of the joining in AU0. Since then, they have survived by making deals with humans, mainly the Vauden who worship the Loa.


The Baka are magical beings that look entirely human at first glance. They are capable of great things when they wish. They are also tricksters and schemers, although deals with them once made are binding and will not be broken.


The recent return of the Loa has seen many a Baka lose its independence, so making a deal with them where a Loa’s wishes may also be involved as well is much more difficult.


To find a Baka, find a Houngan or Mambo, they normally have a favoured Baka contact.


Hybrids, Half human, half animal, some born of other beastkin, some created by the Saurons or by other unnatural experiments.



In Frontier most Beastkin you will encounter are those Bioengineered by the Saurons. They are called the the Kindred and are a race with peculiar talents in strength and regeneration. They are the slaves of Sauron, changed and altered by Sauron bioengineering skills. The Kindred are beastkin for all purpose other than they can be controlled by Sauron pheromones when in range.


Recently a lot of them have escaped from the Saurons and formed packs. Some traveling to Zamboanga to live in peace. While others have formed tribes and joined the fight against their former masters.

They have no particular allegiance to the tribes or settles, but in reality many escaped Kindred ended up slaves of the Settlers. Many exported back the Salem for experimentation by the Thules. This makes the Settlers not so popular with many a beastkin. 


An ancient servant race created to serve the Draken many hundreds of thousands of years ago. The Bloodline races disappeared long ago but are now reappearing in amongst the population.

The Bloodlines are Bloodstone, Dark Unicorn, Drakken, Forsaken, Ogryn, Rakken and Wolfen


The Bloodstone are a group of deep cave dwelling dwarves found on Frontier, one of the Bloodline races, among them they have expert Geomancers who can shape rock to their will.


Dark Unicorns 

Main Article: The Unicorns

These are one of the Bloodline Races who have shown themselves on Faerie rarely, although no-one knows where they live. They look identical to Fey however as they are masters of stealth, assassinations, glamours, illusions and mental attacks, no one knows for sure what they truly look like and they can blend in with any group. Skilled infiltrators they are known to have interfered in a number of battles over the last decade, on both the side of Faerie and against her, their ultimate motives unknown.



Main Article: Dragons

Or The Dragons are an ancient race of winged, reptilian people who can normally be found on Faerie, they can take the shape of humans. Some would consider them wise, some backward looking, some think they are rather dim witted, they consider themselves superior, its best to show respect when you see them, since they are very powerful.



Forsaken are one of the Servitor races, humans can become them through their bloodlines. The forsaken at first glance resemble humans other than they are pale or white, they have a very slow heartbeat and can live a very long time. Those that have lived a long time however, tend to have changed and can resemble ghouls where their skins has rotted or wraiths where they exist more in the spirit realm than the real world.


In many ways Forsaken resemble undead, but they are not: they still have souls; they are not affected by faith or things that would repel undead; they can die from blood loss; they can suffocate.

Forsaken mainly live in Avalon, but communities of them also exist in Saxony.



The Ogryn are a Bloodline race, they are different to Ogres in they have 2 small horns on their forehead. The Ogryn can be much dumber but sometimes stronger than Ogres. The bloodline is hidden at birth, you start Human, your Ogryn side only comes out later in life. You physically change, although the change is gradual, you slowly take on the attributes of the Ogryn, the stronger you get the dumber you get.

Ogryn have no fixed abode, they tend to work for Sable Veil and other criminals, their strength is a useful tool and their slow minds makes them easy to manipulate. 



The Rakken hide away in the gutters around all the islands of Archipelago, they are the scum under most people's feet, they are nervous around people and prefer to form and hunt in packs. Even those that were once wealthy before they changed gradually lose interest in their appearance and fail to notice how filthy they have become. 

The Rakken are currently a big problem in Salem as they now tumble forth from Borgenghast. It is believed the Thule Brotherhood put them there, knowing the Nether Stone would induce them to multiply rapidly, they then built a device to attract them into a trap so they could store there souls to power thier Occult Technology with a virtualy unlimited power supply.


One of the Bloodline races, they resemble werewolves but do not have their weaknesses, rumours say they were used to seek others bloodlines.


The Breed are a group of intelligent, burrowing creatures, pale-skinned with big eyes and huge, sharp claws which slice through the thickest armour.


The Crynos can only be found the Saami Lands, they are large Ape like creatures that have a freezing touch.


Void Elementals, Aether Elementals or Darklings are not really Elementals, they are the trapped forms of those creatures that once inhabited the Netherworld before it was cut off during the Re-union of the Shards.


Demons is the name given to a myriad of creature whose natures are not understood, it was also the name of race that tried to invade the Shards world.


The Djinn or Genies are creature of magic, they have no masters but capture one and they will grant wishes within their magical limits. Every time a Djinn uses their magic to grant a wish they give away part of themselves so they do so only when the need is great or they are bound to do so. The Djinn spend most of their time playing small tricks on people, they can turn to vapour and disappear, they can shrink and fly and unless bound to someone or something are generally harmless.


Doombots or Dumas Bots are lightening powered warriors created by Von Dumas, extremely capable and dangerous.



A quiet and frequently overlooked people, the dwarves prefer a life of seclusion and many spend the majority of their lives beneath ground in the halls, tunnels and mines of Faerie. Following the floods and downpour that became known as The Deluge, the Dwarves were persuaded to open their halls to refugees from the lands now under water and now enjoy a close working relationship with the Courts, and Ard Ri Finnlay. The Irondelve Dwarves are led by Mr Snow, who was made such, in a way not entirely disimilar to how Finnlay became Ard Ri. 


Air, water, earth and fire elementals, Kami, Spirits of the Elements, also known as Sylphs (air), Undines (water), Gnomes (earth), Salamanders (fire).


The intelligence of a elemental is determined by its size, a fire elemental the size of volcano, water elemental the size or a lake or river can probably match a human intelligence, were a water elemental the size of pond or well is probably the limited to simple thoughts like those of dog or cat and by the time you reach the size of puddle, camp fire, bubble of air you will be lucky to get a single simple thought.


Human Elementals

Human elementals are creatures that are part human and part elemental they are part of the 4 elements, Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Human Elementals look Human and blend in with the population.



The Efreet are the dust name for the larger elementals, those that are large enough to be intelligent, fire, earth, air and water, although most efreet you will encounter in Dust are fire, while water ones are very rare.



Main Articles: The Courts

Fey make up the majority of the population of Faerie. They are the classic Tolkein-esque elves and tend in their manner of dress to be medieval, and their manners are courtly, precise and fond of ritual and tradition. They tend to belong to either the Seelie or Unseelie Court.

Some speculate them to be the descendants or remnants of the Alfar.


Freaks are the denizens of the Sad House. Abode and workshop of the dapper and terrifying tailor of imagination: Mr Skinner. Freaks are rumoured to be powerful nightmares, strong enough to walk abroad in the real world. They seem to be very driven by collecting essences of people, it might be their voice, or the colour of their eyes, or their skeleton…

Dangerous and often unpredictable, the Freaks are to be treated with cautiously but are powerful allies if befriended.



Gargoyles are an ancient race hidden among the people, when they die they can be resurrected by fire.


Goblins, Thieneland

Thieneland Goblins are a race apart from anything you would normally expect of Goblins. They are smart, have an affinity with machines and a desire to collect things.


Thieneland Goblins still have green tinged skin, they are found mainly in Thieneland, although some may be found as slaves in workshops around the world.


Green Sepsis 

Main Article: Green Sepsis

The Green Sepsis was a contagion which overran Frontier pre-union, destroying indigenous fauna and mutating the flora. It was almost unstoppable and had a kind of hive intelligence.



The largest race in the Shards World, most other races seem linked to, or are merged with, Humans.



Main Article: The Horrors

Denizens of the Netherworld, things so terribly different to what we know they cannot physically exist in any of our realities.

Insect Men a newly discovered race very little is known about them, other than they resemble man sized insect. 
Also called the Redvers Blighters, named after Redvers Fenn-Cooper who was the 1st person to have a Redvers Worm the larva? burrow into his leg.


The Jianshi are magically created vampires that range from weak zombies to powerful life draining sorcerers. They include things like the White haired ones, the Hopping Vampires, the feared flying Baa Jianshi.



Main Article: Kal'tesh

Believed to be creatures from the stars or other places outside of this world.


The Kashi are Ghouls - Half dead helpers of the controlling Sorcerer.


Walking humanoid plants that live off blood, they will seek as preference any creature that's blood was spilled on their roots on awakening.


Mud Men 

The mud men are tribe that have over many thousands of years developed a resistant to the toxic mud they coat themselves in. Mostly hated by the other tribes as anyone within touching distance will die very quickly from the toxic muds effects. This means the mud men can live a pretty undisturbed life as no one wishes to get close to them.



Mummies are powerful undead, important powerful beings raised from the dead, sometimes wrapped in bandages, they are intelligent and can command other undead and raise armies of skeletons.



Necronaughts are a poor copy of Doombots but still very dangerous, they are piloted by the soul of Forsaken. None have been seen since the death of the Witch King.



Nightmares are dreams given power by the fear they consume. Mostly they lurk within the Nightmare Forest where the skein of reality is thin and they can step between worlds. They mostly assault the mind but the most powerful can manifest and attack directly. Most dangerous at night.


Ogres are an ancient race of large humanoids. They are very strong, tough and a little slow thinking, but should not be classed as dumb as they will get there eventually. Otherwise they are very human like. They do not mix well with Humans and have their own region called Juanogre in Dust.


Oni are half human/half unnatural creatures. Sometime referred to as half demons, but demon is a generic term and they are nothing like the demons from other planes or worlds. They are flesh and blood, have a mind, body and spirit. Oni look human for the most part, but they can be deformed, hideous, have coloured skin or be covered in fur. Most Oni usually have a hidden master or purpose that drives them. They can be long lived but not ancient.


Main Article: Saurons

Saurons are a race of reptilian humanoids . Saurons have an acidic blood chemistry that burns on contact, and disolves the Saurons bodies when they die. They are experts in the archaic science/magics of bioengineering that they use to create Abominations and Kindred.


Clothes stuffed with straw so they form the shape of person and then imbued with life.

The Sidhe

Main Articles: The Water SidheForest Sidhe

Half mortal, half wild spirits of nature and gravitate to uncivilised areas that match their nature. The most common found are the Dryads – Forest Sidhe – and Naiads – Water Sidhe – although the nature kin are so varied that attempts to classify them become hopelessly complex very quickly. Their personalities tend toward the elemental character of the nature they are associated with (so water sidhe can be as often quick and bubbly, as they can sedate and calm).


The Sutekh

This is an ancient race, perhaps older than the Water Sidhe although you won't get to speak to to one to find out. They are known by many names: Sea Demons; Death from Below; Deep Ones just to name a few.


It is thought they live in twisted coral cities deep below the waves. They are a great threat to sea traffic and many a boat has been lost to a Sutekh attack. It is fortunate that they can only live on land for short periods of time or they would have easily over run all of the other cultures by now.


Like the Sidhe they come in many forms ranging from toad like humans to huge squid headed beasts.


There are tales told of how the Sutekh breed with captured females and swap the offspring with human children in the dead of night but these are just stories to frighten children (aren't they?). 


The Sutekh were spotted in the sewers of the Port Rabel in June AU 15, leading to fears of the ancient prophesy that says when the Sutekh rise above the surface of the sea they will conquer the world will be fulfilled.


Most are mindless corpses that have been animated, but other kinds exist yet to be fully documented.



Main Articles: Vampires

This strange monster is a mystery, it's origins lie in the distant past and the truth may never fully be known, what is known is that these creatures live on the blood of mortals, and are cold, manipulating and meticulous.

It has been speculated by some they were created to fight a war for some extra dimensional nightmares, while others say it was a magic ritual gone wrong, or maybe they are a dark shadow of a persons soul unleashed into the world.


Vampire Ghouls

Vampire Ghouls are humans linked and marked by their vampire masters. They are often imbued by their master with extra abilities, but they are and remain human. They are totally enthralled to their masters.


Vauden Zombies

Vauden Zombies are not like “normal” zombies. Vauden zombies are not slow, in fact they are just as intelligent & skilled as the living. They are also created from willing followers that surrender their normal lives to a Houngan or Mambo as their servant. They, by the use of potions, herbs and magic preserve their bodies at the point of death and prevent their spirits from crossing over into the spirit realm.


Vauden are effectively dead so can only normally be killed by decapitation or total mutilation of their bodies. But they are not immortal and have their own problems: they need the regular maintenance from Mambo/Hougan’s potions and magic to stop their bodies rotting. 



Main Article: Werewolves

Like the Vampires this monsters origin is shrouded in mystery. What is known is they are quick to anger, strong and powerful beasts that are not to be meddled with if you know what's good for you.


Yama Uba

Witches of the mountains are a clan of powerful cannibal sorcerers that work with the Golden Vampire.



As in strong semi intelligent bipedal hairy beasts. Usually solitary, they are shy and not usually any trouble, but if riled they are deadly.


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