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The Portal Network

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Portals allow almost instantaneous travel from one part of the world to another. These Portals can only be controlled by trained Navigators and it is these skilled people who ensure people travel to where they want to go. As such they generally charge for their services. Only those with the relevant Portal Sense talent can see them, although when open there is a slight shimmer noticeable by anyone.


It is thought the Portal Network was created by an ancient race as a means of quickly moving throughout the Shards before the Union of the Shards united the fragmented worlds into a single whole world. It was destroyed and the portals exploded except for the core portals, one located on each Shard.


As the world settles the Portal network is slowly re-igniting, or perhaps a new network is emerging, whatever the case portals are now appearing all over the world, but is ever so slightly rickety. Hiring of portal navigators remains only affordable for the very wealthy. For these reason moving armies or trade goods still requires fleets of ships, Ocean travel remains the cheapest form of travel.

As more Portals become stable they are added to maps and listed here.


Below are a list of the types of portals and their locations:


Core Portals (Blue)

The Core Portals are still in working order, below is the list of Portals.


Archipelago - Whitewater

Dust - Valley of Nia

Faerie - Stronghold Fortress

Frontier - Fort William

Salem - Carnelium, Avalon

Thunders - The Water Margins

Union - Centre of Union


Unfortunately the Core Portals cannot be linked to these new Portals at this time, Navigators believe the power of the Core Portals trying to connect to the newer less stable portals would destroy them.




Union Eye Portals (Red)

These portals are fixed and stable, they only connect with their twin in the Union Eye. They have no connection to each other and only really suitable for small amounts of foot traffic. There are well over 20 of these portals with more being stabilised every year. Union Eye Portals are manned by at least one Navigator who may charge a fee for their service. The Union Eye also has regular shuttle/coach service between each portal end within the eye and also the Core Portal near Yana in Union. Like the core portals these may have nearby customs office that tax goods coming and going.




Port Maracabo

Winterheim Portal - Fenris Isles



Mubarak Abar

Mothers Portal - Serpents Cradle.



The Forest's Edge - Northern Edge of the Nightmare Forest

The East Way - Eastern Edge of the Fae Courts



New Tara

Tochina River

Japura River

Fort Manatee



The Black Forest


Ortomo (Raven) - Near Achaea



Disputed - Border between The Shogunate and The Sanctuary

Hymegi - Kokuritsu Forest, Shogunate

Assagai - Alti Mountains, Shogunate



Union Eye




Tailed Portals (White)

These portals have a fixed centre on one end. The other end may be called using the portal navigator skills to any place within its radius/range. They are generally stable but not always charged and ready to go, often needing some time to recover after being used. They are also only really only suitable for small amounts of foot traffic. These portals are not manned and they need a portal navigator to call them and operate them. If 2 or more navigators call them at the same time then they will have to fight for control or let it go.









Dragon's Tail - South of the Fey Gate






Snow Steppe - Khinghan Mountains 









Unstable Portals (Gold)

These portals exist in many random locations lasting only a few hours or a few days at best. They can be found and used by portal navigators that look for them. Unlike red, white and blue portals above, the location and presence of these is not stable, nobody has a map of them, if they find them they do not know where they lead until opened. 




Portal Stones (Green)

Portal stones may be used to create temporary Green Portals. A skilled Navigator can attune a Stone to a specific location - that Stone can then be used by a skilled Navigator after that to direct any Blue, Red or White Portal to that location, this will destroy the Portal Stone in the process and can potentially destabilise the other Portal for a while. Once a Portal Stone has been ‘set’ to a location it cannot then be ‘set’ to any other location.


If a Navigator has two Stones, one attuned to a location they wish to travel to, they can ‘set’ the other to their current location and use both Stones to create a Green Portal, only the

Destination Stone is destroyed in this process, the Origin Stone can be taken with the Navigator if they go through the Portal.


To use a Portal Stone it must be touching the ground at the location of the Portal it is using (you cannot create a Portal in the air or on water) and it is consumed when the Portal is created - the Navigator has to hold the Portal open while it is being used.


Portal Stones are a rare and precious resource treasured by the navigators that possess them. 




Netherworld Portals (Black)

With tentative access to the Netherworld, Netherworld portals can be opened again. But without the cracks and spaces in the world these only go to fixed locations in the Netherworld. Every time they are used they risk Horrors finding them so all Portal Navigators are under strict instruction to never ever use them. These portals cannot be used to travel around the world. Only specially trained Navigators can open these portals. 




Unknown Portal (Purple)

Located near Vincent's Village in Frontier, nothing further is known about the purpose or nature of this Portal.


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