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Frontier: January AU15

Page history last edited by Paradox 9 years, 8 months ago

The land has seen little change in this last year, the Saurons after their brief war remain in their own lands, The Tribes remain at best unhappy with the settlers of Yogykarta as they continue to claim more and more land.

The only two sources of Flangite remain inaccessible, The Sauron controlled mine buried in the war is not mined by them as they do not see its value, and the other source on Zamboanga remains under the control of Magnus, who refuses to trade with anyone.

The Beastkin of Frontier, and beastkin of all lands, have formed a new nation of their own called Zoon, within Zamboanga borders and share in Zamboanga's protection. Zoon has no leader, no governing organisation, just a common goal to build a place to live, but this surely will not last as the beastkin's nature will want a Prim. Beastkin do still remain outside Zoon, but mainly as slaves within Saurons lands.

The lands of the Purple River in the far west of the land remain isolated by vast jungles and mountains.

The average temperature across the land remains stabilised, the Blood Stone have not reached their goal but have halted in a deal with tribes while alternatives are found to the Blood Stones concerns.

The Heart of the Raven, a leader trying to unite the tribes in a war against the settlers, finds many tribes unable to get past old rivalries and the Emerald Claw influence.

New Tara home of Brotherhood of Souls and it's guests of Tribes displaced by the war, also home for the Heart of the Raven, has grown beyond its walls with many tribes willing to follow the Heart setting up encampments around its walls.

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