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Thunders: January AU 15

Page history last edited by Paradox 9 years, 8 months ago

The old Shogun Imagawa Iyeusu die's at the age of 106 and his son, Imagawa Huiansu, is elected the new Shogun, he promises a strong but fair leadership.

The Golden Vampire returns and is gathering lost souls and any others that will follow him, what he offers them and to what purpose cannot be determined.

Kubuji, head of the bureaucracy in Sanctuary, and his allie Shika of Military, are believed to planning to start a war with their enemy the Shogunate. Diplomatic relation were cut off before the new year following various action by both parties.

A pair of people calling themselves Yo-Yo and the Puppet Master declare they will kill every leader in every land, but this, so far, has come to nothing.

The Sanctuary miniture technology is making them wealthy; unfortunately corruption means the wealth does not get to population.

The Imperial Empire ruled still by the Emperor, regaurded as a wise and forward thinking man, guided by what remains of the Twelve Tigers, he seeks allies in the Shogunate and the Sanctuary, he wants his nation back whole but not by force.

The Kuragari is silent, the Imperial Empire wants an alliance to destroy it, it is a fear that festers and quietly grows they claim.

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