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Faerie: January AU15

Page history last edited by Paradox 9 years, 8 months ago

The war in Faerie some would say is won, however the Dark Riders forces, although defeated by the Ard-Ri, are still around north of The Wall, the Dark Rider himself also remains alive and in control of the high mages seat.

The Vault is now free and trading of rare elements has re-started, however some materials, particulary Flangite and Dilirium, remain almost unobtainable.

Queen Madb's black stripe Fomorii remain at war with the Dark Riders red stripe counterparts who conduct a guerilla war against her kingdom.

The McUen's, Dwarves, Madb's Formori, The Sidhe, the Atlantean's and Courts remain at the Ar-dri's Finnlay's side, but rumbling of discontent remain about the how the Ard-Ri compromised the ideals of this magical land to win the war.

Stronghold is now rebuilt stronger and better.

The Altlantean Survivors have renamed themselves the Alantean Protecorate and seem greatly influence by Lokion who could be called their leader.

Locus and the Dark Unicorns have disappeared back into the land and not been heard of for over a year.

The Knights of Discord, Dusk and Dawn and the Freaks remains apart from the Ard-ri rule.

The Dwarves and Formori continue to compete with their steam powered machines.

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