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Steam Power

 This is all about steam, other gases, pipes, gears, pistons, pressure valves, coal burning and industrial revolution which will lead to the development of some large powerful items.


Steam Power is the predominant technology of Archipelago, Faerie. and Union, it’s also the path followed by The Dwarves, the Mari-Anne Foundation , and The Fomorii.


Steam Ships , Submarines and Air Ships are becoming common place , mostly in Archipelago , but also in Faerie.



Clockwork Miniatures

 This could also be called the skill of micro mechanics. The look and feel of items is represented by clockwork insects and the building very small devices that are programmed by complex gears to carry out a very simple task. People who learn this skill can build replicas of flying insects to deliver poisons, small beetles that

burrow into people, recording devices and timers for bombs; later when the technology develops artificial organs perhaps, with enhanced abilities such artificial eyes or hearing aids. This technology combined with crystal matrices or ghost in the machine could create more intelligent devices like flying spy insects.


Clockwork Miniatures is the predominant technology of the Thunders mainly the region known as the Sanctuary.




Lightening Control

 The look and feel of this technology involves cables, capacitors, glass valves, spark plugs and glowing tubes. Lightening is powered by Flangium and with it those with skills can build items such as lights, switches, lightning guns, servos and night vision goggles. Lightening control combined with Crystal matrices could lead to Doom bots; or perhaps combined with steam to create high powered lightweight engines.


This is the predominant technology of Victor Von Dumas of Latveria , King Snow of Faerie and also the Marri-Anne Foundation.  Resources are scarce and fiercely guarded.


Lightning Guns, improved engines



Elemental Enslavement

 This is the permanent enslavement of Elementals and Djinn to power machines and devices. e.g;

Air elementals filling balloons with air and blowing them along, flying carpets.

Fire elementals making cannons fire further, superhot furnaces to melt exotic metals or steam engines burning fiercer.

Water elementals jetting high pressure water.

Earth elementals making things tougher than they would normally be.

This technology is about power and strength. Elementals are almost striped of their will in process so some who consider all elementals intelligent beings look on this as a evil practice, while others who consider most elementals to be no more intelligent than a fly see no problem.


This is the predominant technology of Dust.


Elemental Enslavement is considered by many to be a taboo technology and is looked down upon by some.

There are some who achieve this technology by another path; some manage to achieve similar effects in a much harder way by negotiation an agreement with willing elementals; this path requires expert negotiations to achieve, is slower, more difficult and results are less reliable and consistent.




Ghost in the Machine

This is an abhorrent skill which grafts or binds spirits into machines, giving them intelligence beyond anything Von Dumas can create with his lightening and crystal matrices. Such devices can be made to control other devices and control other beings. This technology is about control. The look and feel is glowing coloured light at night; those that are attuned to spirit world will see their presence even in daylight.


This is predominant technology of the Witch King and anyone using the skill is looked upon in same way as necromancers that bind spirits into the undead.




Crystal Tuning

 This is all about the tuning and powering crystals, gems and other rare metals and materials put together to form devices that transmit energy. People who learn this technology should be able to make a short range communications devices, glasses, sensing devices to see into the spirit realm, or see other odd energies. Later as technology progresses devices such as crystal matrix brains may develop. The technology could also be combined – e.g. crystal matrix brains put into lightening powered mechanical man to create a Doom‐bot or resonating crystal field with Occult tech might allow the building of linked device to device teleporters.


This technology has come partially from the outside world Castalan, mixed with old Alfar magic, studied and improved by Sivanna, used by Ilona to create a brain, the extremes banned by the Sorcerer Supreme since it is not technology of this world, used also Victor Von Dumas in his Doom‐bots and finally passed on by the Little Green Men. This technology can be learned at the Institute of Curiosities on Union via the LGM’s or via Sivanna at her Crystal Caves in Dust.




Occult Mechanics

 This is the use of magic and machines together; it’s not a happy union and devices tend to do the unexpected. The look and feel of Occult devices involves lots of complex symbolism, swirling lines, gold inlay and silver bindings or big blocks of carved granite combined with gears and wheels along with other moving parts. Items are created with rituals and mechanics. What this technology is really good at is linked machines, building two or sometimes more machines which are totally linked so that as you move one, the copy moves in the same way. For example turn a dial to hot on one machine the dial will move to hot on the other even if it’s on the other side of the world; move the arm of one, the arm of another will copy, so animated suits copying the exact movements of the wearer could be made, or perhaps a basic communication device that could point to words or letters.


This is predominant technology of Thule Brotherhood on Salem.




Organic Engineering

 This is genetic manipulation, the ability to graft changes onto living tissue or grow specially designed creatures. This technology ranges from beastkin to enhanced organs or even living devices such artificial gills or living guns that spit acid. This technology may also lead to the path of forensic investigation, finger prints, blood type cross matching, etc.


This is predominant technology of the Saurons on Frontier but it is also known to some members of The Intelligencium.




Machine Grafting

This is the joining of machine to organic components, unlike organic engineering which alters the body this technology uses mechanical machines to enhance the body or the bodies energy to enhance machines. Examples would be blood powered machines using the fresh blood of someone to power a device or grafting mechanical eye into a person to enhance their vision i.e bionics.

This is considered by all but the most vile as an abhorrent practice in the way it tortures its targets into accepting the changes.

This is currently the predominant technology of the Vampires who were gifted it from the future.

It is possible that the Goblins of The Ubilitas Grim also employ a form of this technology.




The Society of New Science

Many of the new technologies are taught at the Society of New Science .

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