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The Salemite Prayer

Page history last edited by Chris 10 years, 3 months ago

Almighty Will,

Progenitor of Name, Hand and Flame,

All reverenced be your holy laws.

Grace us that we may walk the one true path,

And cleanse us that we may cleave to your one true light.

Bless us, that we at the allotted time,

May dwell with You and escape the Vale of transgression.

Grant us this and every day,

The strength to serve your design.

Cast away our sins,

That in purity we work for you.

With One Will,

One Spirit,

One Church,

One Faith,

May the unity of our purpose burn,

Within us until these vows be renewed again,

As they will be,

From this day hence until,

Your kindom comes,

And then,

Forever and ever,



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