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The Monarchs


In short: the Monarchs were the kings and Queens (hence monarchs) of

the various tribes of Faerie. They tried to use the power of the

horrors for the good of the shards, tried to control the horrors, but

they were not strong enough, and became tainted by the horrors.


They then started to become Gods of various shards using the horrors

power, but some of the Monarchs saw the error of their ways and

rebelled against the others.


Dark Monarchs are the ones tainted and controlled by the Horrors,

Rebels are the ones that fought against them (and in the end won) and

sunk Atlantis, the first time, under the ocean, with most monarchs attached.


Danu is a Rebel Monarch, Domnu is a Dark Monarch, both are Monarchs.

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