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Page history last edited by sidriss 2 years ago

Pimms is an unusual McUen in that he can read, write and count.  He isn't sure where he learnt these skills as far as he remembers he's always been able to.  Wanting to use these strange and unusual, well for a Mcuen, skills Pimms traveled to Archipelago and sought a job as a reporter with the Whitewater Gazebbe.  Somehow he got the job and is now a staff writer with the Gazebbe, though he normally claims he has never had a story published as, after a number of incidents, the editor made it clear he was to report the news not to start brawls that quickly become news.


Pimms occasionally claims to be a mage however this is transparently a lie.  The truth is unclear but he apparently is used as a source of amusement for some mages somewhere, possibly the people who taught him to read and write, and when he is in danger they occasionally use their magic to help him, usually by teleporting him short distances.  At least this is what Pimms says but he is a gazebbe reporter so your guess is as good as anyone's if it is the truth.

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