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Other Realms

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The Dreaming

This is a place mostly unique to the Tribes of Frontier, although it exists across the world as an overlay of the solid world, defined by the dreams and nightmares.


The Astral

The Astral Plain is the furthest realm from the real, solid world. It is a construct of the mind that can be manipulated by the constructor.


The Spirit Realms

This is where souls/spirits of all creature go before they return to the wheel to be re-born.


The Raw Spirit Realm

A Strange Realm where Souls that are burdened by the weight of countless lives go.


The Netherworld

The Space between worlds, endless, timeless, and horrific.



The home Realm of the Daemons, a realm of fire, pain and suffering, hostile to outsiders.


Places of Interest

Other Places of Note.

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