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Ivan Kollonov

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Ivan Kollonov


Ivan's earliest memories are of growing up in a cramped industrial environment where it was difficult to breath early in the mornings, he was a clever young man but spent far too much time doodling for his teachers at school to approve of him of believe he would make anything of himself.  He was never too concerned at disparaging comments made by others, he began by drawing things he wanted steadily making the diagrams more and more intricate until he realized with the right parts he could actually create these devices furthermore all of the devices had the ebb and flow of a clock in the way their gears and cogs moved.


 From here on in experimentation became the flavour of the next few years but due to the nature of trying to build ever more elaborate and complex devices inevitably things began to take a turn for the worse, his failures getting both mentally and in the last instance physically painful, the last device exploded like a fragmentation device embedding cogs into his body and tearing a hole through his chest shredding his heart. Ivan never knew how he had survived this accident until recently where he has discovered he has a clockwork heart.


 After awaking to find himself physically deformed by the accident he decided it was time to take things down a notch, going back to making simple wind-up toys and selling them as cheaply as he could on port of saints until he had enough money to open his shop "Sprockets Toys" where when he is not busy he still makes and sells toys.

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