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The Loyal Order of the Dragon

Page history last edited by Aaron James 10 years, 8 months ago

The Loyal Order of the Dragon


Knights Excorcist of the Church of Salem. 


"We Watch, We Learn, We Save"


Most of the order are trained in medicine/surgery, all are trained in weapons, many then specialise in dealing with spirits, vampires, demons and other supernatural threats to mankind.


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Aaron James said

at 11:18 pm on Jan 11, 2010

actually I kind of invented it and named it and then gave ot to the refs to play with!

A kind of Watchers/Talamasca/Pandion Knights esque group.

Church Knights of Salem, but loyal to the people and each other and god before the church per se.

Most are trained in healing arts as well as weapons skills, other than that they specialise in exorcism, dealing with unquiet spirits etc, gathering information from around the shards (especialy on supernatural things) but on everything else as well. Most open cities/large towns have an agent of the order secreted (usualy as a merchant of one kind or another seeing as they dont have to make a profit as they are funded by the order)some are exploring the "new technologies" to see if they can be used in the battles against the adversary!

Paradox said

at 12:05 am on Jan 12, 2010

Sorry that it took a bit longer to change the name, my computer just decided it wasn't going to play nice :P

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