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Union History

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Union History

Union existed alone for many thousands of years, no one lived there.


Then the Union of The Gates occurred and worlds separated since the shattering found a way to meet and travel to each other through portals. All this portal travel was through Union, the hub of the spokes of the portal network.


From that time Union became a valuable military asset and has seen its share of bloodshed as the other worlds tried to control it.


Union was the first Shard world to join with another, an unnatural joining which caused catastrophic effects as it crashed into Archipelago sinking many of the Fenris isles. Many refugees moved to the Union island, particular those displaced from Faerie, Fenris and Salem.


Then not long after all the Shards joined to form The Shards World around AU1 the Union eye, under terrible pressure from the rejoined planet, exploded, killing many more.


Around AU12 the portal system collapsed and only the 7 core portals remained, this heralded the start of great exploration of oceans and the creation of a world map showing the position of each former worlds, now continents relative to each other.


Gradually it was discovered that within the shattered Union Eye were dozens of small portals leading all over the world, so once more Union has become the centre of travel.


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