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Frontier History

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Frontier History

Every tribe has their histories, their myths and legends, there is no consistent history of Frontier. What seems consistent is that the tribes have lived with the land for thousands of years. Nowhere near as long as the Saurons, however, who claim to lived on the land since the creation of the world.


The first settlers, and thus the first real paperwork, arrived less than a hundred years ago from Salem. They set up a small trading post in Fort William near the portal which at the time was the only way to enter the Shard continent. Then more settlers arrive, the rich resources of the land became a prize. For the longest time the tribes ignored these interlopers. But as the perceived damage to the land grew worse and their numbers swelled, the Settlers became unwelcome and the declared enemy of the tribes.


The last two or three decades, particularly since the Shards came together, have seen the settler numbers grow exponentially. The seas allowed ship-loads of people to arrive, these mainly settled around the easily accessible new port of Yogyakarta.


Since the end of the Demon war in AU19 the settlers, sensing weakness, have struck at the tribes once more. The Shaman Council was weakened massively by a targeted demon attack on it, while the Settlers are bolstered by many refugees. The settlers militias united under the charismatic leader Bill Ketchum and are taking the fight back to the tribes hard. Burning areas of forest; setting up new settlements and camps; farming the land and mining. All deliberately provocative actions with plenty of guns to answer the scattershot vengeance of the tribes.


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