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Thunders Honour

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Thunders Honour

Thunders Honour is a totally different thing to regular honour (which also occurs in the Thunders) and so needs an explanation.


Thunders Honour has a value and this is respected accordingly by all forms life, politics, status etc. whether evil or good but like most somewhere between .


The difference between Thunders Honour and normal honour is basically about how its is gained, you can do honourable things, help a person, do the right thing, follow your Samurai code, Monastic, Triad code etc. be that good or evil but that will not necessarily gain you Thunders Honour.


To gain Thunders Honour you need to perform better/best someone and be seen to do it to and by that someone, that someone should have equal or better Thunders Honour than you. The task you best them at should be something that they are well known for being good at.


Some people seek out honorable people and spend years trying to best them


Examples of how you could gain Thunders Honour.

In all cases below your Thunders Honour should be less than/equal theirs for you to gain.

  • You could gain Thunders Honour by winning a combat with a great warrior
  • You could gain Thunders Honour by following etiquette in tea ceremony with a tea demon
  • You could gain Thunders Honour by opening a lock built by lock smith famed for their quality locks
  • You could gain Thunders Honour by outsmarting a great Thunders general
  • You could gain Thunders Honour by helping a poor man when you did not know he had any honour
  • You could gain Thunders Honour by sneaking past a perceptive guardian.
  • You could gain Thunders Honour by understanding fully a wise teacher's true meanings.
  • You could gain Thunders Honour by following your honour code against the wishes of your honourable lord.


Remember you can still follow your own codes of honour just like those outside the Thunders as well as gaining Thunders Honour. 


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