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The Imperial Empire

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The Imperial Empire

The Imperial Empire is ruled by the Emperor who was granted the mandate of Heaven to rule the whole of the Thunders. He is protected and served by the Twelve Tigers, powerful heroes of the people. The Empire is a mix of ancient tradition and new technology.


The culture of the Empire is similar in feel to the last days of the Samurai in Japan. The outside world is having it’s influence and technology is being enthusiastically embraced by some.


The Capital City is Maroto Musaki. The six other important towns are Heian, Nara, Ishikawa which are provincial capitals and Kisu, Otani and Ichijo which are major merchant towns.


Also within the region are the Water Margins, home to the rebels called the Open Hand which formed during the Monarch wars. This is still a no go area for Imperial troops. On the edge of the Water Margins is the Thunders core portal.


The port of Heian south of the Water Margins has become a hive of activity, used to get men and traffic to the portal, Imperial guards patrol the road from port to the portal, at the portal itself the area is fortified and guarded, while former guardians of the portal the Open Hand sit back and watch.


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