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Fenris Isles

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Fenris Isles

Most of the Fenris Isles were lost along with almost their entire populations a year or so before the Union of the Shards. Those few people that remain have relocated to the islands closest to Union or are now seeking what fortune they can on the high seas.

As the world recovered and settled, some of the Fenris islands have emerged from the deep and been repopulated.


The Fenris Isles are known for their wild Berserkers said to be invulnerable to fire and steel. They prefer hand to hand combat and the only missile weapons they tended to use are thrown spears and axes.


The Fenrisians are said to come from a much more northerly climate, home of the Sea Wolves coastal raiders and their current culture is based around their long ships, fighting and their warrior gods.


Many Fenrisians now travel the world as mercenaries fighting for the highest bidder or for the greatness of the fight. Those that remain fish, tend the land, look after the homes while their warriors are away earning hopefully bigger prizes or glorious death in the heat of battle.


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