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The Union Free Company

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The Union Free Company


     "So you want to know about the Union Free Company?

     Looking to hire some high end protection is it?

     Or perhaps you’ve an enemy you really want dead or gone? 


     Well then perhaps you’ve got a cargo needs protecting or retrieving?

     Fine, fine! Your business is your own but, if you’re asking about the Free Company, that tells me you need the best mercenaries money can buy you - and that you have that

     money to spend.


     Before you do though you should know they have a code, it’s not much but it’s also not negotiable.  See the Free Company don’t have an abundance of scruples, they have six,

     those six though are wrought in iron and blood.


First They don’t forget nothing, you do right by the company and they’ll remember, same goes if you cross em.
Second They look after their tools, you wont find a Company man with a rusty blade, a dirty rifle or without powder and ball.
Third They are straight shooters, they tell things like they are, they never lie to their employers or their company.
Fourth Their word is worth more than gold, if they take your money they’ll do your job, they don’t back out or cut and run and they NEVER betray a client, so if you’re hoping to outbid their employer you’re out of luck
Fifth They don’t tolerate betrayal, if anyone betrays the company they will answer in blood, they have a saying, “You cut one of ours and we’ll gut one of yours
Finally number six They fight for money, not a percentage, not a valiant cause, not politics or religion.  Cold hard cash, and they get paid live or die.


     Like I said before they aren’t cheap but they are worth every tanner, and while they might well turn down a job if it doesn’t suit them, they wont go blabbing to your enemies

     about your plan either."


Current Members Include:




     Father Shore


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